Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Dear Ones,
     If you were to observe an open trap door in the bottom of a floor, you would walk around it instead of walking into it with the possibility of some kind of injury or falling into dangerous territory.  When My children are ignorant of the traps that are set by the devil by his using their own words, My children participate in their own damaging circumstances and toxic situations because they have provided the trap door through which the devil works.  It is their own mouths.
     Jesus told you that you are cursed by your own words and you are also justified or blessed by your own words. (Matthew 12:37)  Paul said not to let any words proceed from your mouth that are bitter but only speak words that bring grace and peace to the hearer. (Ephesians 4:29) James said that bitterness and blessings should not proceed from your mouth.  He said that you should tame your own tongue from which both blessings and curses proceed, only speaking words that bless others and yourself. (James 3:10-16)
     Your spiritual teacher, My Holy Spirit, will guide you to only speak words that bring blessings to others and to yourself.  When you yield yourself to Him by returning loving words for toxic words spoken to you, you participate with me in sowing blessing seeds for your wonderful inheritance from me.  You have sown seeds into My kingdom of love and you will receive love benefits in return. 
     However, when you yield your tongue to the devil, allowing him to trap you with your own trap door, that being your mouth, you curse others with negative, strife-filled words and you participate in your own badly cursed future by speaking toxic words into the kingdom of hell which bring forth cursed circumstances into your life.  That is what I meant when I said that you should choose between good and evil.  You do it with your words, either choosing words that curse you and your future or choosing words that bless you and your future.  Loving, positive words bless your future but bitter, confrontational words curse you and your future. (Matthew 5:44-48)
     The trap door is your mouth.  That is why Jesus told you to only return good for evil done to you. When you do, you defeat the evil works that came against you, blessing yourself and your family  But when you return evil for evil done or said to you, you multiply curses in your life and in the lives of your family, plus you multiply the curses in the life of the person who spoke or did evil to you. You have participated in spreading the devil's evil in the world.
     When you do yield your mouth to evil words, immediately apologize to the person you offended and ask for forgiveness.  That will stop the progression of evil in which you participated.  That is what I meant when I said not to let the sun go down on your anger, thus giving evil the opportunity to further bring toxic circumstances into the situation. (Ephesians 4:21-27)
     I said that you grieve My Holy Spirit when you speak bitter, wrathful, angry, wrathful and evil words with malice (Ephesians 4:30-31) because He cannot bless you with My goodness when you curse your own life using your own mouth, the trap door used by satan to destroy you.  I told you, INSTEAD, to be kind to other another, tenderhearted, forgiving others because I have forgiven you and I am kind, merciful and loving to you.(Ephesians 4:32)
     Do not fall into the devil's trap of letting him use your own mouth as an open door with which to trap you and deliver his destruction into your life.  I have coached you time and time again in My Instruction Book and My Spirit is constantly leading you to only speak My blessing, loving words, regardless of what someone says or does to you.  It's really very easy.  Just don't participate with the devil in your own destruction by yielding your mouth to him. 
     By My loving  words spoken through your mouth you are blessed and by the devil's bitter words spoken through your mouth you are cursed.  Choose My blessings and live.
      Shut the trap door of your mouth until you can speak loving, peaceful, kind words in every situation.  
     Your Loving, Blessing Father     

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