Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Dear One,
     It is a shock to My children when they hear that I do not play "favorites".  When someone is unkind to you, injures you physically or emotionally or opposes you, I do not take your side against that person.  I love both of you equally because I am Love.  When children in a human family fight over something or disagree over something, good parents do not take sides.  They let the children settle their differences.  If they can't, human parents often intervene and punish both of the offenders.
    I do not play favorites and I do not punish My children.  My ideal in a troublesome situation is that one of My children will choose to do the righteous thing and makes peace with the sibling, even if the sibling is in the wrong.   When that happens, both people are blessed because peace has come to the disagreement and My blessings can freely flow.  If no one chooses My way of handling the situation by taking the blame upon himself or herself, then they have made the choice to continue toward destruction of the relationship and also destruction in other areas of their lives.
     Paul saw this principle clearly when he said that My children must bear the burdens of others, meaning their troublesome faults, because when you do refuse to respond negatively to the faults of others you are fulfilling the admonition of Jesus Christ when He said to love others as I love you.  (John 13:34; Romans 8:4; Galatians 6:1-2)  You are doing what Jesus did when He bore your sins and the sins of the whole world in His body on the cross.  He refused to respond to his accusers and his killers in anger, but He did what I called Him to do which was to die for the sins of the world.  When you do not respond angrily to someone who offends you in some way, you fulfill the admonition of Jesus to bear the burdens of others.  When you forgive that person, your love is complete, spiritually mature and you are identified as My child, in a position to inherit the blessings that I set aside for you.  The windows of heaven open and bless both you and the offender, just like the rain falls on the unjust and the just. 
     When you bring peace to an offensive situation by refusing to respond to the anger of another person with an angry reply, instead responding with a kind reply, My angels are able to minister to the offending person and change the heart of the offender to be at peace with you. (Romans 12:19-21) Asking forgiveness or forgiving another person does the same thing. They relieve you of the mental torture that is caused by being in conflict with another person and they turn the heart of your enemy to love you instead of opposing you.  Peace is present in the minds of both of you instead of conflict and strife. (Ezekiel 10:1-5)
     As My child, your actions and reactions need to be different than they were before you became My child.  Your motivations, as led by Me, need to become the same as My motivations, which are to bring peace to every situation, to love the unlovable, to sacrifice your own fleshly desire to always be right in every situation.  When you become willing to be wrong even though you are right in a situation, you have become perfect in love.  I said those who are perfect in love and patience will want nothing because all of their needs will be supplied.  (James 1:2-4)
     The mental peace that comes from taking My advice is worth everything.  All of My children seek peace for their souls.  My way of being willing to be wrong in a situation even though you are right is worth the peace that comes from staying out of opposition and strife.  It is saying, "Father, your ways are truly better than my ways." 
     I love all of My children equally.  I do not have favorites. I love you as much as I love Jesus because I am Love.  Determine that you will love others equally, even your enemies who oppose you.  Make peace with them, pray for them, do good to them, just like I do.  You are truly My child when you do those things.
     Your Father of Truth

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