Sunday, January 31, 2016


Dear One,
     Gospel means good news.  If your religious teachers teach hell, fire and damnation, that I am eager to condemn you for every mistake or sin that you do, then that is not good news.  That is bad news or evil news.  Those teachings are a result of that teacher only knowing some erroneous things about Me that are not truth as revealed by My Holy Spirit.  They only know what some other teacher who was not intimately acquainted with Me has taught to them.  They only know what religion has taught instead of what My Holy Spirit is eager to teach to my children. Jesus said My Holy Spirit is the private tutor of every person who comes to Him for truth teachings, not institutional religious teachings. 
    Jesus said that he does not judge and I do not judge, meaning that We do not condemn anyone.  We save people instead of judging and condemning. (John 3:16-17) When Jesus healed people He did not condemn them for their sins.  He said, "Be of good cheer.  Your sins are forgiven."  That sounds like the pronouncement of good news, not judgment or bad news.  (Matthew 9:2)
     He also told them the best news when He said that while they lived in the world that they would have evil tribulations, testings and problems with people, but to be of good cheer because He has overcome all of those bad things that can happen in the world. (John 16:33-33) He didn't say that He would empower you to only overcome a few minor things.  He said He had overcome everything bad in the world and He is available to do the same thing for you through the same power of My Spirit that enabled Him to overcome evil.  Don't be sad when bad things happen; instead, he said to be cheerful.  
     Jesus told you that the words that He always spoke to you, advised you, admonished you and taught you were so that you would also overcome the bad thing that happen to you while you live in the world.  He was saying that when you cooperate with Him and do things that He teaches you to do, you will also overcome all evil that is sent from hell to destroy you. 
     One of the strongest admonitions that He taught is that you should not judge other people.  That means that you should not judge anyone, you should not condemn anyone outwardly or in your thoughts, but that you should forgive the person.  (Matthew 7:1-6) He said that you should not judge someone because of a speck in his or her eye when you, yourself, have a huge log of judging others in your own eye. The reason that advice was so important is that He also told you the consequences for judging others, and those consequences are not from Me.  He said, "Do not judge or you will be judged by the same measure you have judged."  He knew that your enemy, the devil, is eager to tempt you to judge others so that he can bring his destructive judgment upon you. 
    So Jesus gave you an important key when He cautioned you that you must not fall for the traps that come into your mind to judge someone because the judging thoughts are the devil's trap that is set so that, if you will fall for it, that your judgment of the person will cause you to also be judged by hell by the same standard you judged the person.  In other words, Jesus was telling you the way to keep from being judged by the devil for judging someone.  He wanted you to be cheerful, of good cheer, because if you take His words of advice you will be protected from being judged.  That is good news, news which should make you choose to be cheerful and nonjudgmental.
      However, there is a Spirit of discernment that teaches you to judge between  the thoughts that are sent from hell to entice you into condemning someone and the thoughts that are sent from Me to save you and teach you.  That discernment is a good form of judgment because you are to discern evil spirits, not condemn your earthly siblings.  Judgmental discernment teaches you to recognize the evil behind thoughts and actions, only judging the evil spirits, not the people. 
     The form of judgment that Jesus told you to avoid is judging and condemning people.  He gave you by the Holy Spirit the power to judge evil spirits by casting out demons from people who are tormented, just like Jesus did.
      Be of good cheer, I say to you.  When you follow My advice you will have every reason to be cheerful.  Even when you don't, when you do return to Me to hear My way out of the problems, I will show you how to overcome the evil that was at the core of the situation.  I am the Savior, not the condemner.
      Your Loving, Cheerful Father          

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