Friday, January 29, 2016


Dear One,
    Thoughts are prayers.  Often you pray to Me in your thoughts only and I hear those prayers if they are in line with My love and mercy.  The ones I cannot answer are the ones that are negative toward another person.  Those thoughts come from hell and not from Me.  When your thoughts are negative toward someone, you are in agreement with the devil's destructive plans for the person instead of being in agreement with My plans to bless you and the person. No one gets blessed when your thoughts are opposed to anyone.
     Being blessed in every possible way is My will for everyone. So there is no agreement between My will for a person and your will for a person if your thoughts about the person are negative.  Sometimes My children even rejoice when something bad happens to someone with whom they have differences.   Love does not rejoice when bad things happen.  (I Corinthians 13:6)  Love always rejoices when good things happen to others, even for your enemies for whom you are praying. 
     When you continue holding negative, judgmental and bitter thoughts about anyone, you are binding yourself to that person and his or her sins. (Matthew 18:19)  Because you have bound yourself to the person with negative thoughts, you will inherit the devil's judgment of that person, which is destruction in many areas.  Forgiving the person is the cure for releasing yourself from the judgment.  When you forgive the person, you stop being bound to the person because to forgive means to release the person and let him go.  If there is any avenging to be done, I will do it.  I promised that I will avenge you if you will not seek to take vengeance yourself in your thoughts or in actions, binding yourself negatively to the person. (Romans 12:19)
     I said that I will keep a person in perfect peace if the person's thoughts are on Me.  There is calmness of mind, which is called soul peace, when your thoughts are on Me and My marvelous works instead of on people who have failed you, hurt you, injured you and opposed you.  When your thoughts are on those things, you do not have a peaceful mind.  In fact, you have a toxic mind which poisons your body with destructive hormones.
    Remember this, to My children there is no right and there is no wrong in opinions, doctrines or beliefs.  Everybody is at a different place in spiritual growth.  There is only love and forgiveness, understanding and mercy in My family.  You would not chide a kindergarten student for not understanding calculus.  You would not even expect the child to know how to read. Yet, you think negatively about someone who has not had the opportunity to allow My Holy Spirit to teach the person about love and forgiveness.  You judge the person because of what he or she doesn't know when there are plenty of things that you, yourself, do not know about My kingdom.
     Keep your thoughts on Me and My goodness toward everyone.  When you do, you will not entertain the negative thoughts which separate you from Me and My blessings by binding you to someone with judgmental, negative thoughts.  It's an exercise in control, throwing out the negative thoughts and replacing them with My positive ones of love, forgiveness and mercy.  Throw out the negative thoughts and replace them with positive, loving thoughts.  When you do, you put yourself in the position of inheriting all of the benefits from being My child.
     What you bind to yourself on earth is bound to yourself in heaven.  If your thoughts are negative, you bind yourself to the devil's judgment from those thoughts. If your thoughts are positive, loving and kind, you bind yourself to Me and My blessings.  It all goes back to the beginning when I said for you to choose between good and evil, between blessings and curses. Choosing good thoughts means that you have also chosen blessings.  Choosing negative, destructive, judgmental thoughts means you have chosen the devil's curses. 
     My angels and I rejoice when you choose good thoughts because we get to bless you abundantly. (Deuteronomy 30:19)  There is no greater pleasure for Me than to see that you have chosen good thoughts over evil thoughts about someone.  When you do choose good thoughts, I get to do My most pleasurable thing, which is to give you My kingdom blessings. (Luke 12:32)
     Your Nonjudgmental, Loving Father 

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