Thursday, January 28, 2016


Dear One,
    My dedicated prayer warriors wonder why sometimes their most concentrated prayers do not bring dramatic results.  The key is that, very often, their thoughts are negative toward the person for whom they are praying.  They are praying for me to change the person, save the person or heal the person; yet their thoughts are oppositional toward the person.  Your prayers and your thoughts must always be in agreement. The key is what David wrote in Psalm 19:14, "Let the words of my mouth (your prayers) and the meditations of my heart (your thoughts) be always acceptable in your sight, Oh, Lord, my strength and my redeemer."
    Since your thoughts produce attitudes, which are energy, if your thoughts are critical, judgmental, condemning, angry or bitter toward the person, you need to change your thoughts about the person to thoughts of love, forgiveness and mercy so that your prayers will easily be answered. That is why I told you that if there is a problem between you and someone when you are praying, that you should make things right before you come back to the altar to pray again. Your prayers are easy for Me to answer when your prayers and your thoughts about a person are in agreement.
     You are in charge of your thoughts.  They are your domain.  Nobody else has the authority to change your thoughts, only you.  When you find that your thoughts are against a person instead of for the person, you must replace the negative thoughts with affirmative thoughts of love and mercy, remembering that I am loving and merciful toward you even when you are opposing others.  My mercy is everlasting and, because you are My child, your mercy must be everlasting toward everyone.  Gird up the loins of your mind is what you must do, refusing negative thoughts about the person but instead replacing them with positive thoughts of My love and mercy toward the person. (I Peter 1:13-16)  When you can do that, your thoughts and prayers are in agreement and it is easy for Me to work in the situation.
      My Spirit wrote through Paul that faith only works by love.  (Galatians 5:6) I gave you the image of a power line that transports electricity from a transformer to homes.  If that power line is broken by weather, accident or whatever, there is still power going through the line but the power can become destructive power if someone touches the broken line.  So if your thoughts are against someone for whom you are praying, the power line is broken from the transformer of My love and the power can become destructive to others instead of constructive. Your thoughts must be loving toward the person for whom you are praying.  That produces the necessary ingredients, faith and love, for your prayers to be answered. 
     I know it is especially difficult for you to have loving thoughts toward an enemy when you pray for the person, but you must realize that it has nothing to do with emotions. It has to do with the fact that all people deserve My love and your love because everyone has done destructive acts toward others, either in their thoughts or their actions; yes, even you. 
     Gird up those negative thoughts about a person for whom you are praying and replace them with the truth that I loved the world so much, even when it was filled with hatred, anger and bitterness, that I sent My Son to save it.  Change those troublesome thoughts by replacing them with loving thoughts toward everyone for whom you pray.  I can change the hardest of hearts and give to them hearts of flesh, pliable and gentle.(Ezekiel 11:19)
      Come to Me with prayers in which your thoughts and your prayers are in agreement in an attitude of love.  With faith prayers and love thoughts, My promises are yes and amen, so be it. (II Corinthians 1;20)
      Your Forgiving, Loving Father

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