Sunday, January 3, 2016


Dear One,
     Relationships are described as how you relate to others.  All of the teachings of Jesus relate to relationships, either your relationship to Me or your relationship to others.  All of your relationships result in either your accessing My kingdom of blessings or your accessing the kingdom of evil. 
    When you are operating your life in the principles taught by Jesus you will conform your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions to Mine and then My blessings will flow into your life.  You will portray My righteousness in the world toward others just as I portray My righteousness toward you, that of being kind, loving, good, merciful and forgiving.  But if you portray to others the character of the devil, then you access into your own life the curses of the evil one.  That is the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ who made it possible for you to have My Holy Spirit inside of you, leading and directing you to always think and act from My righteousness. 
     I said if you seek Me and My righteousness that everything good will be added to you.  (Matthew 6:33) You must not only have an intellectual knowledge of My righteousness, but you must also become My righteousness in the world. 
     The mechanics of how that works is very simple.  I explained it through Jesus when I said that what you bind on earth is bound in heaven and what you loose on earth is loosed in heaven.  In other words, whichever kingdom you manifest in your life summons that kingdom to work in your life.  If you manifest the fruit of My righteousness in the earth, then you loose My blessing to come into you life.  But if you act from the devil's promptings, in strife, anger, hatred, refusing to forgive, being judgmental and condemning, divisive and bitter, then you are summoning the devil's kingdom to work in your life, bringing his curses. (Matthew 16:19) 
     I was emphatic in that principle when I told the people under My old covenant with a nation that I am not deaf and I am not blind, unable to hear their prayers and answer them, but that their sins had created a barrier between us so that I could not deliver the answers their prayers.  (Isaiah 59:1-4)  I am eager to answer all prayers, but the attitudes in the relationships of My children determine which kingdom is accessed into their lives, whether it is My kingdom of good or the devil's kingdom of evil.
     How you relate to other people in relationships is the determining factor in whether you are blessed or cursed in your life.  Jesus taught emphatically about it in all of His teachings.  He told you to always return good for evil done to you, to always turn the other cheek if stricken, to do good and bless your human enemies instead of opposing them, to be righteous, kind and loving instead of insisting on being right, to be forgiving instead of holding grudges.  In doing those actions and reactions, He promised that you would access the blessings of My family.
     I ask you if you would rather be right or would you rather be righteous.  When you choose to be righteous, loving, kind, good, merciful and peaceful, you are accessing the blessings of My kingdom because there has to be righteousness in the earth before I can manifest My blessings in the lives of My children.  That is why Jesus, Paul, Peter, John and James taught constantly about relationships and your being loving toward all people.
     I gave you the Holy Spirit who has the duty of growing the characteristics of My righteousness in your life so that the benefits of My righteousness can flow into your life also.  He has the keys to all of My kingdom and they relate to your relationship with Me and with other people. 
     How you relate to other people determines how much of My kingdom relates to your life.  Relationships are important.  Allow My Holy Spirit to teach you how to heal all relationships so that He can deliver your inheritance to you. 
    I gave to you the ministry of reconciliation, reconciling all the world to Me by portraying My righteousness in the world.   That is your ministry as led by My Spirit. (II Corinthians 5:17-21)
     Your Father of Righteousness   

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