Saturday, January 16, 2016


    Taking care of yourself is of primary concern to you and to Me. 
     In My first covenant with Abraham and his children, I gave dietary rules to follow because farming and ranching methods were unsophisticated then. So I gave guidance in My instructions to them on things that were dangerous for them eat.  If followed, those instructions kept them from getting sick and dying.  However, growing and harvesting methods have changed so that the things that were forbidden then are now deemed nutritious to eat, causing no problem to My children. However, there are products that some of My children cannot successfully eat because of allergies, so their doctors teach them to eliminate from their diets the foods that offend them. That is part of taking care of yourself, having a good relationship with your own body.
     Having a day of rest from labors was necessary under the old covenant because workers and slaves were required to work seven days a week with no rest.  (Jeremiah 17:22-27)Consequently, the workers and slaves were sickly, exhausted and died early.  So I instituted a day of rest for them so that they would have time to commune with Me. That commandment was given so that My children would take care of themselves, giving their bodies a full day of rest to rejuvenate themselves, body, soul and spirit.  My wisdom has instigated a five day work week now for most people unless there is willingness to work six days.  Giving your body a day of rest is taking care of it.
      Another way of taking care of yourself is for you to honor your parents and others who have authority over you.  (Hebrews 13:17People who are older than you have learned valuable lessons and they can teach you how to maneuver around the problems in life if you will listen to them.  When you do listen and follow their instructions, you find that you have soul peace or mental peace, because their wisdom is workable in your life just like it became workable in their lives.  It takes humility to listen to others and take their advice.  In doing that, you save yourself from unfortunate situations that cause problems in life which will cause you mental anguish, confusion and lack of direction in your life.  The problems can also cause death and destruction in your life.
     The guidance found in My Instruction Book and in your true Guide, who is My Holy Spirit, is the most important tutoring that you will ever find.  He knows the ins and outs of every situation, knows the characteristics of every person you meet, knows the solution to every problem.  That is why I told My children to hear My voice delivered to you through My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.  He will guide you into everything you need to know to become successful in every area of your life because that is My desire for you, to make it possible for you to access all of the blessings that I prepared for you.  So your determination to hear My voice and follow My guidance is another way for you to honor Me and, through that, to take care of yourself.  (John 14:12-15)  I said that when you take My advice that you  will rest from your labors because you have trusted Me and followed My guidance.
(Hebrews 3:7-14)
     Hearing My voice and following My guidance results in your being blessed in every area of your life. (Deuteronomy 28:1-15) Either refusing to hear My voice of guidance or refusing to follow My guidance will result in your being cursed in every area of your life.  (Hebrews 28:15-68)    Taking My advice is always beneficial to you, making you successful in every area of life.  Trusting in your own wisdom will always result in your being cursed in life.
     Taking care of yourself is primary to your helping to care for others.  Your health must be good, your mind must be peaceful, and your spirit must be yoked to Me, always trusting in My guidance and wisdom.
      When you are healthy physically, mentally and spiritually, you are in the direct channel to receive My gifts which are My good pleasure to give to you.
      Your Loving Father

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