Monday, January 18, 2016


Dear One,
    Returning anger for anger will always result in more anger, physical injury, mental injury and separation from Me as well as separation from the offending party. There is never a good result from returning anger for anger.  That is why I said for you not to let the sun go down on your anger, because if you go to bed with anger in your heart you will stew on the offending incident, playing it over and over in your mind until the incident has gained more attention in your life.  You will be consumed with it until it is harder and harder to forgive, which means to let it go from your mind. (Ephesians 4:26-27)
    It is easier to forgive immediately after the offending incident than it is the next day, increasing the chance for anger to continue day after day after day.  If you do what I coached you to do, forgive the person and do some act of kindness to the person, the results will be in your favor because when you forgive the person you release yourself from the damaging effects to your body that anger produces.  The person is also released from his or her anger because your kindness chases away their sinning against you because love covers over every evil work.  Peace is restored to both of you and My blessings can easily return to your lives. (I Peter 4:8)
    When you are offended, it is natural for you to react with anger but I told you that when you are angry you must not sin by offending someone in return, must not strike the person, must not insist on being right.  I said that you must not respond to the anger of another person.  When righteous indignation rears itself in your mind, you must rein in the anger in your mind, refusing to sin by returning anger for anger done toward you.  I told you those insights to protect you from physical and mental injury and even death, plus protecting you from estrangements in your family.
     "I apologize," "Forgive me," and, "I'm sorry," are powerful phrases, ones which rob anger of its destructive power.  You can see the evil leave a person when you apologize and ask for forgiveness, even if you are not wrong.  It's never a matter of who is right and who is wrong.  It's a matter of keeping peace so as not to increase the power of evil in the situation. (Romans 12:18)
     When you do an act of kindness toward someone who is angry at you, then love enters into the situation and tenderizes the person's heart toward you.  The offender's heart is changed with your kind action and the anger that previously was shown will no longer exist toward you.  Peace prevails and both parties are in direct line to receive My blessings with no barriers to block. (Romans 12:19-21
     It makes no difference who is right and who is wrong.  That is why I said that everyone has sinned and come short of My glory.  So there needs to be no determination of who is right and who is wrong.  Whoever makes peace in the situation, refusing to return anger for anger, that person displays My righteousness and they will inherit the benefits of My kingdom in their lives.
     Refusing to return anger for anger will result in your receiving blessings from My heaven into your life. 

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