Saturday, January 9, 2016


Dear One,
    I walked in flesh in the person of My Son Jesus so I know how hard it is to love your enemies.  (John 1:1)  I know that your spiritual enemy, the devil, uses your family members, your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, your acquaintances, your mates, politicians, religious leaders and complete strangers to test you and tempt you into acting and reacting in anger,  That's what he does as his method of operation is come against you through the flesh of other people so that he can entice you into reacting with anger so that he can bring all of his destruction into your life.  If you will read My first history book, Genesis, you will see that it all started with Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel.  The devil has never changed his tactics, he still uses people to destroy other people, robbing them of their peace, their love, their joy, their goodness, and eventually their prosperity in areas of their lives.  
    REJOICE, evil can be stopped. (James 1:4)
    My spiritual tactics are much more powerful than the anger, wrath, hatred, vengeance and strife that the devil uses against you.  My tactics never change, either.  They are always the actions of love, forgiveness, keeping peace with and doing good to those who oppose you in any way.  The old ways of returning anger for anger and strife for strife still result in multiplying the works of evil in your life.  Yet My children still think that returning evil for evil will result in working for their good.  It never has and it never will have a good result.  Returning evil for evil will only bring further destruction into your life.  My spiritual tactics are love, peace, goodness, forgiveness, kindness, patience and mercy and they will destroy the works of the devil who sends other people to come against you.
     The devil is a bully and when he can entice someone to bully you, either in attitude or action, his hope is that you will react by also being a bully in return so that his plan is furthered, which is the destruction of the lives of both parties.  You can envision two bullies "duking" it out with fists.  How can that further My kingdom of love in the world?  It only furthers evil.  
     My instruction to My children through Jesus is to do good to the people who bully you.  The only way that you can do that is through the power of My Holy Spirit.  He is the power of love.  He is the power of peace.  He is the power of goodness and kindness.  My children who are led by My Spirit will return goodness and kindness to the emissaries of the devil who were sent to entice them into returning bullying gestures for bullying gestures done to them.  Instead of doing the same bullying gestures in return, My children who are led by My Spirit will return love, goodness and kindness to the bullies in an effort to keep peace.  When you return good for evil done to you, you snuff the spirit of anger out of the person who is bullying you and you win a victory over the supreme bully, the devil.  You have furthered My kingdom in the earth instead of furthering the kingdom of hell. (Luke 11:20-26)
    I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by My children for the very purpose of empowering them to defeat the works of the devil, just like Jesus did.  (I John 3:7-9; John 10:10) Yet many of My children still return evil for evil done to them and profess to being led by My Spirit.  They are not led by My Spirit.  They are led by the spirit of the supreme bully, the devil, and they signed up for his destructive actions in their lives.
    I did not leave you without the power to defeat evil.  You do not have to depend upon your weak human abilities to return good for evil done to you.  You have My Holy Spirit and His excellent power that even caused Jesus to be raised from the dead.  (Romans 8:11-14) He can empower you to do good to people who do evil to you.  He can empower you to hold your peace and speak kind words to those people who oppose you and speak evil toward you.  WHEN YOU DO, YOU ARE SPEAKING MY WORDS OF PEACE IN THE WORLD which will produce your receiving My blessings into your life because you are identified as My child. (Matthew 5:9)
     Love actions toward people snuff out the power of evil in every situation because love overcomes all works of evil. (I Peter 3:8)
     Your Powerful and Loving Father

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