Friday, January 22, 2016


Dear One,
    As your loving Father I provide for you everything necessary for the abundant life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Human relationships are the basis of all problems that you encounter; so, of course, all of My instructions, admonitions and principles teach you how to nourish relationships so that you will live a peaceful life.  I am not interested in the affairs of countries.  I am only interested in families because families are the basis of all stable relationships in the world. As the families go, so goes the world.
    The problem is that family relationships are the primary target of the devil,  turning husband against wife, wife against husband, children against parents, parents against children, in-laws against in-laws and on and on.  By infusing toxic situations into those relationships, he is able to dominate the world.  Peace is nonexistent and people are fighting all over the world.  Skirmishes develop and full fledged wars begin because of the anger that started in human relationships.
     When My children take My advice and heal their family relationships they will find that they are free of the mental torture caused by family strife.  I said that where there is strife there is every evil work, meaning every demon from hell is cheering on the discord in the relationships. (James 3:16) That is why Jesus only taught about relationships, your relationship with Me and your relationship with others. 
     The ways taught by Jesus, which are My ways, are never the ways of human nature which insist that a particular person's ways are always the right ones.   Human ways tell you to always defend yourself and fight back when you are attacked. (Matthew 5:38-48)  I know that when a person does that, defends himself or herself, that it only multiplies the evil in the situation and will result in physical or emotional harm.  In order to protect My children from harm, Jesus taught the opposite.  He said that if someone does harm to you that you should return kindness to him or her.  That teaching was revolutionary to the people at the time and is still revolutionary at this time.  Jesus said that when you do follow His teaching, reacting with kindness instead of anger, that I will avenge you and bring peace to the situation.  I turn the heart of the one who opposed you toward you in a spirit of love when you return kindness instead of conflict. (Romans 12:18-21)   Emotional war is averted and you are at peace again. 
      If My children will do this one activity of returning good for evil done to them, there will be no family strife which plagues every family on earth at this time.  There will be peace instead of conflict, forgiveness instead of judgment and love instead of anger.  The relationships of children will be restored to their parents and parents will be restored to their children, in-laws will be peaceful toward each other and families will be a reflection of My family in heaven.  There will be peace on earth. (Malachi 4:5)
       Returning good for evil done to you is not an easy thing to do.  That is why I provided the power of My Spirit to live in you and give you My power to love the people who oppose you and I give you the power to resist returning evil for evil.  I know the results of keeping peace with everyone.  The benefits are soul peace and freedom from negative, strife-filled, tormenting thoughts which rob you of peace. 
      Never forget that I created the world and I know how to solve every problem in your life.  The relationship ones are cured by always returning good for evil done to you.  Under stressful conditions, make it an act of your will to return good for every evil done to you.  Forgive the people you have offended you in the past.  Apologize to everyone whom you have offended.
     The people who are peacemakers are My true children.  They are the ones who inherit My blessings.(Matthew 5:9)

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