Sunday, January 10, 2016


Dear One,
    You must be cognizant of the truths that are in the teachings of Jesus relating to relationships and why they are important to you and to Me.  I created My children so that we could have a relationship, a sharing of love been us.  I wanted the relationship to be a sharing of all of My personal traits relating to love, so I created My children in My image in the earth with the abilities and powers that I have in the spiritual dimension. I also created a planet for them in which they would dwell, their own domain.  My reason for creating the heavens, the earth, the seas, the firmaments, the animals and the birds was so that My children and I could share our mutual interests, which are caring for our domains and enjoying our relationships for our mutual good.  I gave the original man the wisdom to efficiently have dominion over his domain, the earth. 
    Unfortunately, taking advantage of the gift of free will that I gave to the first man, he allowed an alien spirit, the devil, to enter the earth and curse it, cursing himself and cursing his mate with evil spirits.  The way the devil continues to curse the earth is through the relationships that My children have with each other because he knows that relationships, the sharing of My love, is of primary importance to Me. After all, that is why I created My children, is to have a close relationship with My offspring, sharing My love, My wisdom, My goodness, My kindness, My peace and My joy with them.
    So that is why your relationships with your family members, your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, your acquaintances and even strangers are important to Me and they should be of primary importance to you.  That is why I instructed Jesus to teach on relationships, because they are so important to Me and to your ability to access My blessings in your life. 
    You are blessed through good relationships, because I am in the middle of those relationship; but you are cursed through bad relationships, because the devil is in the middle of those relationships.  That is why I said where two are gathered together in My name of Love, I am in the midst of them.  My works of blessings are multiplied in their lives.(Matthew 18:29)  But, when two are involved in strife, the devil is in the midst of them and there is every evil work present.  The works of evil are multiplied in their lives. (Romans 1:28-32)
     Relationships with My other children are based on which spiritual kingdom you are in relationship at the time, whether Mine or the kingdom of the evil one. When you react to evil with evil, you are multiplying the power of evil in your life.  When you react to evil with good, you are multiplying the power of My goodness in the earth and you are defeating the works of the devil who had tempted one of My children to come against you with evil deeds, anger or wrath, testing your relationship with Me.  The way to defeat evil in those instances is to do what I do, love unconditionally with forgiveness and doing good to the perpetrator of the evil deed.  You defeat the devil and his evil deeds by showering the person with goodness.
     When you yield to the power of My Holy Spirit and return good for evil done to you, you efficiently access My blessings and they will pour from My heaven into your life because you have identified yourself as My child, the inheritor of My blessings. 
     It takes practice, after you have learned this key to My kingdom, for you to refuse to return evil for evil done to you and instead to return good for evil.  You must keep that key at the forefront of your mind, the key of always returning good for evil done to you.  Otherwise, if you return evil for evil you temporarily forfeit your inheritance because you have refused to love others as I love you. (John 13:34; I John 2;7-11)
     I said what you do to the least of your brethren you do to Me.  (Matthew 25:37-40)  My life is in all human beings because there is no life other than Mine.  So what you do to other humans, you do to Me. If you do good to them, you do good to me.  If you do evil to them, you do evil to Me.  That is why returning good for evil done to you is My will, because you have forgiven the person and extended love to someone who has yielded to evil without knowing the truth.  You crucify your fleshly desires from hell which tempt you to return evil for evil, just like Jesus did when he was on the cross.  He chose to do what I commissioned Him to do, died to the devil's desires for revenge, knowing that I would avenge Him.  I will avenge you when you return good for evil done to you and My blessings will flow unbridled into your life.
     If you want to defeat evil in your life, return good for evil done to you and you will experience success in every area  I will avenge you, rewarding you with My marvelous blessings because you have chosen My ways.
     Your Father of Love and Goodness

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