Thursday, January 7, 2016


Dear One,
    Is it so important to you to be right in a matter that you would sacrifice your health, your peace, your prosperity and your joy in demanding that you are right in a situation?  Joining into a disagreement and insisting on your own rightness never results in anything but a full blown fight or skirmish with someone being hurt, either bodily or emotionally. 
    I told you that My righteous ways of action in a tense situation is for you to lay down your insistence on being right and to graciously allow the other  person the right to have his or her own opinions, his or her own beliefs, his or her own customs and his or her own method of doing things.  I told you to never return evil for evil done to you but for you to always return good for evil.  In doing that, you are acting from My righteousness and you are spreading My love in the earth.
    If you really think about it, insisting that you are right in anything is being a bully, a person who exerts his or her authority over someone else.  A person who graciously allows others to have their own opinions and beliefs is gracious, kind and loving, being a peacemaker in the earth.
    You ask the question, well, what if someone is really wrong and you are really right? Then the avenging is My business, not yours.  I will always prove what is right in some way to both parties and it will be proved with no injury to either party.  If you are wrong, then you have saved face by not insisting on your being right. (Luke 18:7-8)  I said that avenging you is My responsibility, not yours.  I can do it much more efficiently than you can because of My resources and My wisdom.
    I said that anyone who exalts himself will be humbled but that someone who humbles himself will be exalted.  (Luke 18:10-14) In that principle I was saying that anyone who exalts himself as being right in any situation will find that circumstances will humble him or her if he or she is wrong.  But anyone who humbles himself or herself, not insisting on their own rightness, laying down their belief that they are always right, they will eventually be exalted by Me if they were actually right in the situation.  When you allow Me to avenge you, you have avoided a skirmish, a disagreement, a fight or a full fledged war.
     I amplified this principle when I said that if your enemy does something evil to you that you should do good to him or her.  In other words, don't insist that you are the one who is right just because you have been opposed by someone else. Instead, swallow your pride and do some act of love toward your enemy or someone who is opposing you.   When you do, it will allow My angels to minister to your enemy by your good acts.  I said if your enemy is hungry to feed him, if he is thirsty to give him water and in doing so you are heaping coals of fire upon their heads.  This is what the coals of fire are: My angels ministering to the minds of your enemies, changing their minds to become at peace with you.  It works every time because love covers every sin done against you.  (Romans 12:14-23; Ezekiel 10:1-2)
     My ways are so diametrically opposed to your ways that they are complete opposites.  If your fleshly ego, tempted by the devil, says to insist that you are right or to come against someone who opposes you, lay down your pride and your ego.  Give the one who opposes you the right to his or her own opinion and belief.  Instead of opposing him or her, do a good, kind act to the person and it releases My power to work in his or her life.
     Never forget this:  Acts of love release My power to work in the lives of others.
     Lay down your pride and your ego and allow others to have their own opinions and their own beliefs without your judgment and condemnation of them.   Pray for them and bless them, do good to them.  In doing that, you send My angels to minister peace toward you in their minds.  That is My way of your avenging yourself, allowing Me to do the avenging instead of you.  Nobody gets hurt, either physically or emotionally and My love is spread abroad in the earth.
     Your Father of Peace     

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