Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Dear One,
    All laws of a democracy are given to protect the people.  The principles, the commandments, the statutes, and the ordinances are necessary to know, and the judgments that come from breaking those laws are also necessary to know in order to enable you to knowingly participate in making sure that you are safe and successful in life.  When you do not follow those laws, you open yourself up for prosecution and maybe even imprisonment.  If you do follow those laws, you are protected and even empowered to live a successful life because you have observed the laws of the land. Persistent lawbreakers never attain success in their lives; in fact, they are always unsuccessful.
     It is the same in My family.  There are principles, statutes, laws, ordinances and commandments that will enhance your life; and, if they are observed, they will make you happy, prosperous and healthy. (Psalm 19)  However, many of My children think that just because there are no Kingdom law enforcers, that they can escape any retribution for their refusal to observe My spiritual laws.  Actually there are spiritual beings, the devil and his demons, who are always present to exact his curses upon My children when they wander outside of My protection. 
     Remember that all laws are given to protect you from evil.  In My family, when you venture outside of My protection, you are trespassers in the kingdom of evil and you open yourself up to the devil's judgment, which is destruction and death.  I give you the guidance in My laws and commandments on how to stay inside the protective walls of My kingdom but My children often willingly wander outside of My walls of protection.  When you do refuse My guidance, you have willingly asked to be judged by the devil, inheriting his curses instead of My blessings that are available when you take advantage of My protection.  The devil is the one who tempts you to leave My protection by refusing to follow My guidance, and then he is the one who punishes you with his curses,
     Oh, if you would only follow My guidance, loving others as I love you, forgiving others who physically and emotionally injure you, refuse to hit when you are hit, do good deeds to your enemies, keep peace with everyone, refuse lustful thoughts, and do not swear or promise to do anything.  (Matthew 5) When you follow those admonitions, you stay inside My walls of protection which I erected in order for you to stay on the narrow path that leads to happiness. (Psalm 119)
     I said that the path that leads to destruction is wide, but the path that leads to the abundant life is narrow and hard.  (Matthew 7:13-14)  The rewards are worth the anguish that comes from making your flesh obey My guidance.  It is hard on your emotions to forgive.  It is hard on your ego to love your enemies. It is hard to obey the guidance of My Spirit, but the rewards are tremendous because you have stayed within My walls of protection, free from the evil results caused by your wandering into the devil's family of evil.  The benefits of following the voice of temptation are death and destruction.  The benefits of following My voice of love are the abundant life and happiness  Choose My ways and live.
      Your Father of Blessings         

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