Sunday, January 17, 2016


Dear One,
     Very few of My children have fathers who have wisdom good enough to give to their children, so I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to live in people to deliver My wisdom to anyone who asks.  I created the earth and I created people, so I know the insights, wisdom, guidance and the solutions to all problems.  My Spirit inspired men to write the help necessary for My children to have a successful life.  That book is called the Bible, My Instruction Book.  Because evil prevails in the earth, you see that My guidance is always the opposite of what people naturally do in their lives in relationships, which is where problems always begin. People come to Me for guidance and insight because the ways of the world have failed them. 
     My children have My Instruction Book and My tutor that I sent to them, the Holy Spirit.  My ways never fail.  My ways are the only ways which solve every problem in your life.
     For instance, I told you that when a person strikes you, My way is to never strike the person in return.  The way of evil is to immediately strike the person who strikes you.  My children even teach their own children that when someone hits them, that they should hit back, defending themselves.  When they do, then a full blown fight begins and both people will be injured or even killed.  My way of refusing to return evil for evil done to you is to do something good to your enemy and it will make the person who hit you stop his or her attack on you. But, if you hit the person in return for his or her hitting you, you will multiply the evil in the situation and physical injury to both parties is guaranteed.  Now do you see why My advice to My children is to always seek peace in every situation?  When you do, then I can avenge you, causing you to receive My blessings in the situation. The blessing is that you will not have multiplied bodily harm to the person who opposed you and bodily harm to yourself.   My ways never fail. (Matthew 5:13-20)  My ways are always for your protection, causing you to escape physical harm and mental harm.
     Forgiving someone who opposes you, criticizes you or does evil to you is even more rewarding.  If you refuse to forgive someone who injures you physically, mentally or spiritually, you plunge yourself into despair, depression, strife and bitterness. 
    Forgiveness  means to give forward, refusing to let the person and the injurious situation become the lord of your life, which being unforgiving does.  When you refuse to forgive, you carry the person on your back, being yoked to him or her in your thoughts and your conversation.  Unfortunately, continuing to carry the person and his or her injury to you will only result in negative hormones being released into your body which will cause health problems for you.  Also, if you continue to refuse to forgive, you are in strife with the person and you will probably return evil for the evil done to you, causing physical or mental injury to yourself and the perpetrator of the evil act done to you. 
     If you will follow My Fatherly guidance, forgiving everyone who offends you, you will get rid of the temptation to continue in strife and you will allow positive hormones and energy to heal your body and your mind.  Plus, you will have stopped the flow of evil in other areas of your life and in the life of the person whom you forgive.  In following this mighty key to My kingdom, you will be labeled as My child, a peacemaker. (Matthew 6:13-15:)  Peacemakers are shown to be My children, inheritors of all of My blessings.  Forgiving others will heal your body, your mind and your spirit because you release the person from your thoughts and begin to be in unity with Me again. You have stopped making your enemy your lord, by letting the person captivate your thoughts.  Instead, when you forgive, you are again in unity with Me and you have placed yourself in line to receive My blessings. 
     Because of My forgiveness for you, your forgiveness of others is the most important key to My kingdom and it has great rewards, which begins with mental peace.  When you forgive, you release the person from your mental persecution of the person, to which you have been engaging.  In refusing to forgive you have cursed yourself with negative hormones which produce depression and despair.  When you forgive someone, your mind is clear, your body is healed, and you have restored yourself to favor with Me and favor in the mind of the person you forgive.  Peace prevails. (Matthew 7:20-21)
     I cannot forgive for you.  It is an act of your will.  It starts with your choosing to forgive someone, then doing something loving toward the person. (Romans 10:19-21) In teaching you the benefits of forgiving others, as your protective Father I have protected you from physical injury and mental torture.  As an act of your will, choose to forgive everyone.  If you are tempted again with an unforgiving thought, proclaim your forgiveness again until you feel forgiving toward the person.  In the beginning, you don't have to feel forgiving.  You do it as an act of your will, choosing forgiveness instead of judgment of the person.  Jesus coached you emphatically about this when He said to judge not or you will be judged.  When you refuse to forgive, your judgment of the person will cause you to be judged by other people. 
     I taught you about forgiveness in order to protect you from being judged by others. (Matthew 7:1-2)
     I am your good Father whose wisdom guarantees you a blessed life.  Following My advice is paramount to receiving My blessings because My coaching always teaches you the keys to My kingdom and My storehouse of blessings.  Keeping peace with everyone is a primary key.

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