Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Dear One,
    My advice, admonitions and instructions to My children, like a good Father advises his children, is to walk away from any and all confrontations, whether in your thoughts, your attitudes, your words spoken or your actions. 
   Jesus was explicit in His teachings on relationships, teaching never to return evil for evil done to you.  That is the exact opposite from what was taught by religion under the old covenant.  An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, a slap for a slap, an insult for an insult, an accusation for an accusation, always insisting that you are right in your thinking and other manners of engaging in confrontations and conflicts never resulted in good things happening to My children.  They always resulted in multiplying evil for evil instead of stopping evil in the earth. (Matthew 5:38-48)
    Jesus spoke the truth about the proper thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions done by My family in the earth.  He said they were not of the old religious teachings but they are the opposite, never returning evil for evil done to you.  He said that returning good for evil done to you will further the spread of My kingdom of love and blessings in the world.  He said that when you return evil for evil done to you, that you are multiplying the evil in your life and that it will return to you pressed down and running over.  (Luke 6:37-45) He said that if you multiply love and forgiveness in the earth, that love and forgiveness will be returned to you pressed down and running over in the form of My blessings. 
     My children need to learn, first of all, the teachings of Jesus, Paul, Peter, John, and James that describe My desire for you in your actions in all relationships with people because what you do to others you do to me. (Matthew 25:34-41)
     When someone strikes you, walk away.  When someone insults you, walk away and bless that person. If someone sues you, give more than is required.  If someone challenges you, walk away and pray for that person.  If someone considers you his enemy, give him food if he is hungry, give him water if he is thirsty, bless him and do good to him.  If someone judges you and condemns you, bless him and pray for him.  If someone steals your coat, give him a blanket also.  If someone does horrible acts of evil against you, forgive him so that you are free from the burden of anger.  All of those reactions come from My kingdom of love.  They will cover every sin that is leveled against you, blocking it from affecting you.
     My Holy Spirit will give you the power to amplify My love in the world because He is the fruit of My character of love.  If you will walk away from conflict and confrontation, He will give you the power to return good for evil done to you. 
     The peace that comes into your life when you return good for evil done to you will result in My blessing flowing abundantly into your life.  (John 10:10; Matthew 6:34; Matthew 5:9)
      Amplify My love, forgiveness, mercy and peace in your life and they will be returned to you pressed down and running over.
      Your Father of Blessings    

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