Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    Jesus reiterated time and time again how important it is that you do in secret the things that I ask you to do rather than doing them in front of people.  It is in that context that He said that you should not store up treasures on earth where moths and rust can corrupt them or thieves can steal them.   He said in the same teaching that you should not pray in public, expecting people to praise you for your wording, also that you should not give your money in public where people praise you, and that you should not fast openly where people can praise you for your religious practices.  All of those are done in public, in front of people.  When prayers are done in public, the devil's temptations flood into your mind, encouraging you to add flowery words to your prayers so that people will know you are religious, setting up your treasure on earth so that people will praise you for your prayers,  When you give money publicly, the devil wants you to brag to somebody about the amount given, setting up your treasure on earth which is the accolades of people.  When you fast and put on a sad look, making sure that people know that you are fasting, you are setting up your treasure on earth, expecting people to respect you for your restricting of yourself in My name.  If you do those things to be praised by people, then you get a meager reward which will pass away before you leave the company of the people.  The people will forget all about your prayer, your giving and your fasting.  You have set up treasures on earth rather than in My heaven and your rewards are short lived.(Matthew 6:19-21)
   However, if you only pray in secret to Me, also give your money in secret so that you don't even know how much you are giving, and if you fast with a happy face and only unto Me, then you have set up treasures for yourself in heaven and I will reward you openly.  If you forgive those who hurt you and persecute you, if you turn the other cheek when struck, if you love your enemies and do good to them, when you are robbed if you give your coat also if the robber demands you cloak, and if you love unconditionally your enemies as well as your friends, then you are also laying up treasures in heaven.  Because you have done what I ask you to do, your rewards are many because you have laid your treasures up in my heaven.  When you do what I ask you to do, all of which are for your protection from evil, you receive a magnificent reward because I am your Father who rewards those people who diligently seek Me.
   When you love and forgive the thief, the adulterer, the liar, the hypocrite, the corrupt politician, the preacher who is divisive, the child abuser, the rebellious child, the sinner, the person who fasts to be seen, the person who brags about his giving, the religious person who puts on a sad face while fasting, then you have laid up treasures for yourself in heaven.
    The treasures are your inheritance which comes upon you when you are doing what I ask you to do.  My treasures come upon you because you have sown seeds into My kingdom of good and you have magnified goodness in the earth, so My kingdom is able to reward you because you have shown that you belong to Me as My child.  I said that if you love Me that you will do what I, your loving Father, commands you to do.  (I John 5: 1-5)  My admonitions are not grievous and hard to do. I even gave you My own power, My Holy Spirit, who empowers you to take My advice to heart and do it because you know that My commands are for your protection, causing you to avoid evil, and My commands are for your entitlement as My child, qualifying you to receive the abundant life on earth that I promised to all of My children.  Those of My children whose character of love identifies them as My children are constantly sowing treasures into My heaven and reaping the benefits of those treasures.
    Your treasures that are stored in My heaven are safe and gaining interest to the highest rate of return so that I can send them back to you pressed down and running over.  That's what Love does.
     Keeping My words and obeying them are a witness to your being a child of My goodness, eager to take the advice of Your Loving Father.
    I love everyone but I can only reward those of My children who follow My advice because My advice keeps you pure and free from the works of evil.
    Your Father of Great Rewards

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