Friday, August 11, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I spoke through My Son Jesus about the rewards that come when My children exhibit My standards in the earth, the standards of My kingdom of love of which there are many.  All of My standards come from My love for all humans and my love for the earth that I created for them because I am Love.  Remember that one of My promises is that when the enemy comes in like a flood in your life, that My Spirit will raise up My standards against him.  That means that when evil comes against you in your life, I will raise up in you My standard of goodness which counteracts the evil and I will cause you to sow goodness in the earth instead of adding evil to evil.  That standard of goodness done to the person who does evil deeds to you will cause the person to be tenderized by the good deeds from you and glorify Me and My kingdom of goodness.  The evil demons behind the original evil action will have to flee because they can't stand to be in the presence of love. 
   What is evident in My Instruction Book that I gave to you is that there are great rewards for My children who perform My standards of love in evil situations.   Jesus said that there are great rewards for you and My other children who do not practice piety in public to be seen by others, but instead do their praying, their giving and their fasting in private between only you and Me.  He said clearly and distinctly that those who practice piety in public to be seen by others will NOT receive any reward from Me because they have received what they desired, which was the praise of people.  (Matthew 6:1-6)  I said through Jesus that My children who pray in their closets alone with Me, give their monetary gifts in private and fast with a joyful face so that they cannot be identified as fasting will receive great rewards from Me.  He said three times that I will not reward the hypocrite who prays, gives alms and fasts to be seen by people, but that I will reward those who raise My standards quietly without fanfare, always in secret. (Matthew 6:4, 6 and 17)
    I said that you must not only believe that I Am, but you must believe that I  reward those who diligently seek Me.  When you seek Me and My righteous behavior, you will do in the earth what I do in the heavens. As a result of those standards of love and goodness, My rewards come into your life because you are sowing My love in the earth which causes My kingdom to flood into your life.  It's the simple example that Jesus taught about seed sowing and harvest.  Whatever seeds you sow in the earth will return the same plants, or rewads, into your life.  If you sow  love, you will reap love; if you sow evil, you will reap evil. 
    Some of My children who profess My name who still sow evil seeds because of the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches and other evil actions have allowed demonic spirits to capture their minds.  They sow seeds of evil and reap evil events into their lives and wonder why.  They think that only professing My name will qualify them for My rewards.  I said it's those of My children who do My will of raising My standards of love and goodness in the face of evil who will inherit My kingdom living while they live in the earth. (Matthew 6:10)   Only those children of Mine who sow love seeds in the world will inherit the rewards from My kingdom of love into their lives.  They cannot sow evil seeds and expect to reap My loving rewards.  They can't reap My rewards because they have sown seeds into the devil's garden.  The devil does not reward his children with good and loving events because he, himself, is the father of evil.  He rewards people who do his will with evil events.  Only those of My children who sow loving and good seeds will inherit My rewards because they have sown loving seeds into My garden of love.
    My rewards are My blessings.  I said that the merciful are blessed by Me and are rewardd by obtaining mercy from others. (Matthew 5:7)  I said that the meek are rewarded by inheriting My blessings while in the earth. (Matthew 5;5)  I said that the pure in heart are blessed because they see Me, in their dreams and visions. ( Matthew 5:8)  I said that the poor in spirit who seek Me are blessed and rewarded by inheriting My kingdom. (Matthew 5:3) I said that those who mourn will be blessed by Me with comfort, prophesying that those who mourn after the death of Jesus would be comforted by My Spirit living inside of them.  (Matthew 5:4)  I said that those who hunger and thirst for My righteousness will be blessed by being rewarded by having My Spirit living inside of them and satisfying them by making them clean and whole. (Matthew 5:9)   I said that those of My children who are peacemakers in every situation are blessed and rewarded by being called My children, qualifying them for My kingdom coming into their lives. (Matthew 5:9) I said that those who are reviled and persecuted falsely for My account will be blessed.  I said they should rejoice because their rewards are great in My heavenly kingdom. (Matthew 5;11-12)
   In My Book I gave you examples of people who were persecuted for My sake.  Think about Stephen who was being stoned and I opened the heavens to him so that he saw Jesus and Me.  He visited heaven before his body died from the stoning.  Before his body died he asked Me not to hold the sins of the people against them.  He was blessed above measure by coming into My kingdom before his body died. 
   Think also about Peter and Paul who were sent to prison on My account.  They were blessed miraculously by My kingdom rewarding them by opening the prison doors so that they could be released, continuing to minister My kingdom benefits to the multitudes.
    Great are the rewards of My children who seek Me, seek My righteousness and do My will in the earth.  By doing My will, they raise My standard of good against the standards of evil in the world.  My children who do My standards in the earth increase My kingdom in the world, as I intended.  They glorify Me by returning good for evil.  Go and do likewise.
     Your Father of High Standards of Love     

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