Sunday, August 30, 2015


Dear One,
    In Psalm 23, David's song professing the benefits of My Love toward all of My children covers every area of a person's life, the need for a guide, the need for  protection from evil, the need for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical prosperity, the need for resting from laborious labors, the need for peace of mind, the need for mental restoration, the need for righteous characteristics, the need for freedom from fear, the need for an assurance of  My presence, the need for an infusion of new spiritual life from My Holy Spirit, the need for one on one communion with me so that My personality will become their personality so that My goodness and mercy toward them and will flow from them and all of My children, covering the earth as the waters cover the sea. (Isaiah 11:9)
     David's final profession of faith in Me also covered the end of his human life when he left the earth and came to live with Me. (Psalm 23:6)  He professed that he would dwell with Me in My house forever.  That aspiration is the hope that has ruled the thoughts of all of My children since the beginning of time, that there is a spiritual life beyond the human grave.  David knew the depth of My love and he knew that he would live in My Kingdom of Unconditional Love for eternity. And he does. 
     The spirits of all humans long to return home to My heaven from where they originally came.  I said that I knew you from the foundations of the world.  (Ephesians 1:3-5) I knew you before you put on humanity and became a human being.  You were previously a spiritual being, part of My very nature.  You, along with all human beings, long to return to the comfort, rest and peace of My dwelling place, the Kingdom of Unconditional Love where you are forever prized and valued as My child.  
    I told you in the past when you were troubled with earthly problems that you should consider yourself an only child, the heir of all of My blessings.  That statement was given to you so that you would know the expanse of My love, that My Love is so encompassing and vast that I make every human being conscious of the knowledge that My heart goes out to every one of them as if they were My only child, worthy to be showered with all of my Fatherly goodness and kindness.  I confirmed it in the teaching of Jesus about My pursuing a lost sheep.  (Matthew 15:4-7)
     I spoke the truth of My Love being showered upon all of My children when I told the children of Israel that I longed to gather them together like the hen gathers her chickens under her wings, but they would not let Me.  (Matthew 23:37) Even in their rebellion, I pursued them in order to bring them back into unity with Me where the covering of My Love was present.
     David intimately knew the joy, the peace, the rest, and the benefits of being in unity with me, being in a Father/child relationship so that he became intimately acquainted with me.  Because of that intimacy, he had the assurance of life after the death of his body.  He knew that when his earthly life was over that he would live with Me in My Family of Unconditional Love where every cell of his spiritual being would be powered, blessed and valued by My Love for eternity.
     That is what happens when you enter into your heavenly home that I have prepared for you.  I welcome you into your Home of Eternal Love as if you were My only child.  "Welcome home, My Love child.  Enter into My Love, My Peace and My Joy."(Matthew 25:34)
     David had an assurance of that welcoming home event.  I want all of My children to have the same loving assurance.  Those who know Me as Love have that assurance.  My children who have believed erroneous teachings that I am their judge will always walk in fear during their earthly lives. I said that perfect love will cast out all fear of punishment.  In other words, when you are rooted and grounded in My love for you, you will have no fear because fear cannot exist in the revelation of My Perfect Love. (I John  4:17-19).
     Pray for a revelation of the breadth, depth, length and height of My Love for you.  When My Spirit reveals My Love to you, you will have no fear of anything. (Ephesians 3:14-20) You will have the same assurance that David had, that you will dwell in My House of Unconditional Love for eternity.
     Your Loving Father      

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