Monday, August 10, 2015


Dear One,
    You have been in the presence of someone who is walking in the dark, and you have wanted to escape from their presence quickly before the darkness hopped onto you. Their darkness is shared with other people through their words, their attitudes and their actions.  Darkness will overshadow your Light if you will let it.  That is why Jesus told His disciples to dust the dirt of darkness off of their feet if someone refused to believe their good news.(Matthew 10:13)  He was cautioning them to not allow the Light in them to be snuffed out by the darkness in others.
    That does not mean that I do not love My children who are walking in darkness.  I love them with My whole heart and I continue to send My angelic hounds of heaven after them, eagerly waiting for the time when they are open to My Light.  I pursue them spiritually because they are the lost sheep who need My love.  But until they are in need of My Light, I want My Light bearing children to be safe from the darkness that wants to smother My Light.
    Darkness never sees goodness, kindness, love, joy and mercy in others.  It is blind to My Light because mental and emotional darkness come from hell, sent into a person to rob him or her of the thrill of ever walking in My Light.  Darkness hates My Light.  Darkness puts a shadow over any Light that exists in other people because negativity is more comfortable than positivity to those who have walked in darkness for long periods of time. Darkness is familiar garbage, as I told you.  It is so familiar that some people who are told of My Light refuse to change their allegiance and switch from walking in emotional darkness to walking in My Light.  They are afraid to trust that My Light in the world is real and lasting, so they continue to choose darkness, being drawn to negative, judgmental, hateful rhetoric instead of being drawn to My Light which is filled with faith, hope, encouragement and love.
    My children who are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit have to be mindful to always watch for darkness to invade their thinking because the devil never gives up on his mission to snuff out My Life from within My children.  The efforts of the devil toward spreading darkness are most often done through religious and political rhetoric, just like it was when Jesus walked the earth.  The mission of darkness has never changed and neither have the battle strategies.  Jesus chided the religious leaders and the political leaders constantly for adding burdens to My children rather than lightening their load of misery. 
    You must listen to My Holy Spirit and receive His discernment which separates My gospel of love from the gospel of hate, judging between My loving sheep and the hateful rhetoric of goats.   My Spirit will draw you to the rhetoric of Light which teaches love and forgiveness for others, and He will alert you to the false rhetoric of darkness which teaches that your battle is with flesh and blood instead of with the demonic principalities and powers in the heavens. (Ephesians 6:10-12) That is called the gift of discernment, recognizing good conversation as being from Me, and identifying evil words which come from the darkness of hell in an effort to overcome the Light in you.
    Forgive My children who are walking in darkness and choose to remain in darkness.  Love them because you understand their reluctance to trust Me.  But you do not need to expose yourself to their darkness constantly or you might fall for the trick of the devil to get you engaged in useless arguments, discussing doctrines and dark beliefs which trap you into battling with flesh and blood.  (I Timothy 4:1-3).  It they can trap you into arguing with them, you might eventually begin to lose the brilliance of My Light.  Offer your love, but dust off your feet and keep walking in My Light.  Intercede in the Spirit for the human emissaries of darkness who are captivated by the darkness and are afraid of My Light.  Your prayers for them will accomplish much more than your arguing with them or defending your beliefs.  Be sure and make your battle with the demonic spirits who are influencing them.
    Walking in My Light, which I encourage you to do multiple times in My Instruction Book, means that you are able to discern good rhetoric from bad rhetoric, judgmental words from forgiving words, love for all people from hatred for anyone.  Walking in My Light means that you hear My words of wisdom and become as I am in the world, Lights who shine in darkness. (Matthew 5:16)
    I desire that all people come to the knowledge of My truth.  Pray for My children who walk in darkness but be cautious that you do not take on their darkness through religious or political wranglings.  Those are traps that you must learn to recognize by the revelation of My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 23:12-15)
    When you walk in My Light you have a forgiving, loving, merciful heart toward those people who walk in darkness.  I do.  As My child, you must do the same.  But, My wisdom says to guard your heart, your Light, for out of it flows the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23)
    Your Loving, Forgiving Father   

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