Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Dear One,
    The faith of David when he wrote Psalm 23 is the epitome of the kind of faith that I give to My children who make Me their true Shepherd. (Psalm 23:1-2 David professed in the first part of that writing that I am his guide, his leader and his Shepherd.  He said that because he has made Me his only guide and leader that he has no lack, no need for anything because he already has everything that he wants.  That is a true statement of faith and confidence in me.  The key to that statement is that he wants for nothing because I am his complete guide, his counselor, his advocate, his source of wisdom and insight, his provider, his healer, his comfort, his strength, his source of victory over evil, his shield in spiritual battles, a constant presence in his life, and I am his Shepherd who leads him into the right paths of goodness. 
     I want all of My children to be able to say the same thing, that they want for nothing because I am their Father who has provided everything they need spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Peter wrote that I have given to My children everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness. (II Peter 1:3) His profession of faith in Me even gives the source of My ability to give everything that is necessary for the abundant life to all of My children who make Me their Father, the ones who make Me the constant source of the life of abundance in them. 
     Peter said that it is through My "divine power" that everything comes to My children from Me.  My divine power is My Holy Spirit.  Jesus made it even more clear when He said that when My Holy Spirit comes to live in My children that He leads them into all truth, that He gives wisdom, knowledge and insight into all earthly matters, that He takes what Jesus taught and explains it fully to My children, that My Spirit gives power and authority over all evil whose aim is to destroy My children, that He will issue to My children the power to heal and cast out all evil spirits which cause torment in the bodies and minds of My children.  In addition, He said that My Spirit will give you rest from your labors, because He is in Me and I am in Him and we are in the Son and we want to be in all of My children to help them live a life of joy and abundance while they live in the earth. (John 14:15-18; 14:26-27; John 15:26-27; John 16:7-15) 
     My Spirit wrote through Paul that the gifts of My Holy Spirit are enough to meet every need, want and desire in your life.  (I Corinthians 12:4-11)  Paul wrote that his divine purpose in life was to intimately and personally be acquainted with Me  so that he could trust Me enough to be his only Shepherd, not making religious leaders, politicians, military leaders, teachers or friends his loving Guide, but making Me his all in all.  He refused all religious doctrine that conflicted with his knowledge of Me as revealed by My Holy Spirit.  His model was Jesus who only did what he saw Me do spiritually, and he who only said what he heard Me say personally to him through My Holy Spirit.
    If you want Me to be your Shepherd, leading you beside the still waters and onto the paths of righteousness where you want for nothing, spend time with My Holy Spirit.  Commune with Him. He reveals My intense love for you, revealing My wisdom and My guidance for you so that you will want for nothing. (Psalm 23:1-3)
    Your Loving, Shepherding Father        

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