Thursday, August 13, 2015


Dear One,
    I have given a primary key to My kingdom to earthly counselors and psychologists who choose to receive that valuable key.  It is called replacement therapy, training people to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, replace negative attitudes with positive attitudes, replace negative actions with positive actions.  That effective key has helped millions and millions of people change their life circumstances and situations, only the people who take the advice of their counselors and doctors. (Matthew 16:19)
     Some of My spiritual children have, on occasion, rejected that valuable key because they consider it secular, worldly and nonreligious.  Those children know neither the scriptures nor My power. My Instruction Book is full of teachings from the prophets, from Jesus and from the Holy Spirit through the apostles and disciples of Jesus about faith and hope.  I teach My children to replace thoughts of fear and worry with faith and hope.  It is such a simple key that My children fail to see that it is the most valuable key to My kingdom. 
     Religious naysayers often want Me to do everything for them.  They want Me to be what is considered a sugar daddy in the world, rushing in and rescuing them from their problems which have often been the harvest from bad, negative seeds that they have sown in their own garden of life.  Those children do not realize that this born of the Spirit and baptized in the Spirit union that they have with Me is a joint venture between us.  From the beginning of time, taking My advice was paramount to receiving My blessings.  Adam did not take My advice and curses came upon people and the earth from the devil. 
      So replacing fearful, worry thoughts with faith and hope thoughts is the responsibility of My children.  They are the keepers of their own minds.  Only when they are in constant fellowship with Me am I able to reprogram their minds with My faith thoughts, but they have to choose My ways over the ways of the evil one.  So it's still the old story of your choosing good over evil, starting with thoughts, then attitudes and actions.  When you are always cognizant of your own thoughts, becoming the watchman that I asked you to be, you will cast out the thoughts that are contrary to what I say and you will replace them with My promises which are always built on faith in Me and hope in My ability to do spiritually what you cannot humanly do.  (Matthew 4:1-11)
      Jesus told you not to "take thoughts" of worry or fear into your mind when the devil presents them to you.(Matthew 6:25)  He said that those thoughts are from the family of darkness instead of My family of Light. He said that you cannot expect to have My blessings in your life when you dwell on the things you lack instead of dwelling on the things that I have in My family of endless provisions.  He said that darkness and Light cannot exist in the same minds of My children, for either you will embrace one or embrace the other. He said to cast the dark thoughts out and replace them with faith thoughts, thoughts of My ability to meet your needs and provide for you.  You must know the Instruction Book so that you will efficiently replace bad with good because even the devil knows the scriptures.
Your strong statements spoken of your confidence is Me is what makes him leave your thoughts and leave you alone.  Hearing your strong statements of confidence in Me are deafening blows to his ears.  The choice is made by you between good and evil when you cast out the negative thoughts and choose to believe and speak My positive, faith-filled thoughts. 
      Replacement therapy, or choosing good thoughts over bad thoughts, is one of the most effective keys of My kingdom.  I said that you must cast out negative, imaginative thoughts that exalt themselves against the knowledge of My abilities and powers that you have in your mind. (II Corinthians 10:4-5)  I did not say that I would cast them out of your mind.  I said that you must do it.  I said that your weapons of warfare are not human weapons, but they are mighty, in agreement with Me, to pull down the strongholds that want to take control of your mind.
      In your life I have replaced what formerly was the kingdom of darkness with My Spirit, who is the administrator of My kingdom of Light.  Be attentive to your thoughts to catch, arrest and cast out every thought that is of fear or worry.  That is the key to continuing to walk in My Light.  When you entertain dark thoughts very long in your mind, you are allowing My Light to be diminished and darkened.  (Matthew 6:21-24)
    Speak My words of faith to those demons who bring worry and fear thoughts into your mind.  Speak My words to them, just like Jesus did.  Those demons have to flee you and go to hell if you send them there.  They know My power and they are frightened of it.  Use the power of My scriptures to snuff out the words spoken in your mind by the angels of darkness. 
     I am your Father, not your dictator.  I give you the keys to My kingdom so that you will participate WITH me in ridding your life of evil curses which you call persistent problems.  We work together, not independently. 
     Replacement therapy works, both spiritually and humanly.  Take My advice and monitor your thoughts, casting the negative ones out of your mind and into hell where they belong.  Replace the negative ones with My positive, faith-filled ones just like Jesus did.  Then follow My leading, taking My personal advice to you in all areas of your life so that you will inherit My kingdom while in the earth as well as when you come to live spiritually with Me in the heavens. (Luke 11:20)
     Your Light Giving Father