Saturday, August 29, 2015


Dear One,
    When David. the songwriter, wrote his confident song about his complete reliance upon Me and My being his Shepherd, it was one of the most important declarations of faith ever written. (Psalm 23)  That is why it is quoted so often.  Yet, My children do not realize the depth of his dependence upon Me, upon My shepherding, upon My guidance, My wisdom, My ability to provide for him, My righteousness that came from his communion with Me, and My power to defeat evil.  Only Jesus was more dependent upon Me and My power.  Jesus said that he only said what he heard Me say and only did what he saw Me do in visions.  Jesus came from Me into the world so He knew My abilities face to face.  David learned them by worshiping Me in one on one communion.
     David professed that one of the results of knowing Me one on one, becoming intimately acquainted with Me, is that goodness and mercy would follow him all the days of his life.  He had already written about the many aspects of My goodness and mercy toward him. (Psalm 23:1-5) He wrote that I made him to rest from his labors, laying down in green pastures.  He wrote that I gave him peace of mind, leading him beside still waters.  He wrote that he wanted for nothing because I provided everything for him.  He wrote that even when evil came to tempt him and overcome him, that I had already prepared wisdom and knowledge for him in the form of words of encouragement and solutions to all problems that might occur, and that those words of wisdom and knowledge were already prepared for him, ready for him to hear.  He said that they were ready to be served to him at My  dinner table of communion when he came to Me to gain My insights.  He wrote that he had no fear even in the face of death because I am always with him, ready with My rod to beat off evil demons and My staff to gently guide him out of the dangerous thickets of life.  He wrote that his cup of blessings from Me were not only adequate but that they were constantly overflowing in his life.
     Then David wrote that goodness and mercy would follow him all the days of his life.  (Psalm 23:6) In the same writing, he had already written many professions relating to My goodness and mercy being evident in abundance to him.  In those professions he was declaring that My goodness and My mercy were around him, baptizing him, surrounding him and evident to him.  Then he said that goodness and mercy would "follow" him.  That confession and profession of his faith relates to My goodness and mercy proceeding out of him, leaving a trail behind his every move.  In other words, David was professing that because of My goodness and mercy toward him, that he was going to be dispensing goodness and mercy to everyone with whom he came into contact, that My goodness and mercy would follow his every thought, word and deed.  He was saying that he would do to others as I had done to him.  He was saying that My goodness toward him would flow through him, following in his path of life toward others.  He was saying that My mercy toward him would result in his being merciful toward others rather than judging them.   He was saying that he would be a witness of My goodness and mercy toward him by dispensing goodness and mercy to others. that those acts of My righteousness would follow behind his every word and deed.
     Those acts of righteousness toward others are called the fruit of My Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23)  They are the result of your communion with Me, hearing My words and becoming just like Me so that your thoughts, attitudes and actions will be witnesses of My true character which you dispense to others, just like David said and later Jesus commanded when he said to love others as I love you.  (John 13:34-35)
      My desire is that My goodness and mercy will follow every word and action of My children.  Love for others results in your dispensing My goodness and mercy to them.
      Your Loving and Merciful Father 

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