Friday, August 7, 2015


Dear One,
    Some people are so addicted to darkness that they cannot identify light when it becomes present in their lives.  If people have been raised in a negative household or lived in an abusive relationship, those people find light to be offensive because they are more comfortable with the darkness of negativity because it is familiar. (Ephesians 5:8-9)
    If you will remember when you were struggling with whether to receive the fullness of My promise, which is being baptized in My Holy Spirit, I asked you if you would prefer the familiar garbage that you had lived in for years or would you rather choose the unfamiliar gold that I have for you.  You immediately chose rightly, choosing My promises of bringing My light into your life.  You have never been the same.  You left the pig pen of darkness, eating with the pigs like the prodigal son, and you were immediately transported into My kingdom of love where you were baptized with My love.  You never wanted to return to the pig pen of darkness again.  You have continued to walk in My light and enjoy the joyful benefits of being My child.
    My children who walk in darkness have often seen My light but they have returned to the familiar mindset of negativity because of its familiarity.  They don't even know My light when they see it.  The darkness invades their minds and they feel comfortable because of its familiarity.  They profess to know Me, but they walk in the darkness of hatred, prejudice, anger, discrimination, grief, sadness, judgment, condemnation, vengeance, and lusts of every kind including sexual lust, lust for money, lust for power and the domination of others.
    My children who walk in light do recognize the traps set by their enemy, the devil, to entice them back into negativity.  They refuse the temptations of the evil one who either whispers in their ears his enticements to fall into the pit of darkness or he uses other people to lure them back into the same pit, usually all in the name of religion or political perversions.  That same demon has not changed his methods.  The same temptations were used when Jesus, the true Light, walked the earth.  Jesus warned of the woes that would engulf My children if they listened to the religious law judges and the political fathers of darkness who add the burdens of hatred, prejudice and discrimination to the minds of My children of Light.  Pollution of their minds takes place and woes begin to enter into their lives.  Those children say they are suffering for Me, but they are suffering for their own lack of knowledge of Me and My Light.  They have returned to darkness and no longer recognize Light.
    My Light is loving to all people, kind to all people, merciful to all people, good to all people, patient with all people, keeps peace with all people, is joyful in tribulation, is long suffering with the misdeeds of all people, and is forgiving of all offenses of people.  In other words, My Light is reflected in My children of Light and they walk in My light, sharing My Light with everyone, both the lawbreakers and the law keepers.
    To identify My Light, you must realize that everything positive is of My Light.  My gospel is called the good news.  It never delivers bad news.  Good news makes your heart sing.  Bad news makes your heart fail, both emotionally and physically. Good news elevates you and reveals the importance of loving everyone, just like I love you.  Good news loves the world in which you live and desires to care for it with diligence.  I created your world and I love it.  Only darkness can curse your world.  Darkness tries to destroy your world, but Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil.  (I John 3:8)
     My children should never walk alongside the devil, participating with him to destroy their world and other people.  When My children believe the religious and political demons, called the principalities and powers of the air, they take on darkness and shed My light.  I said you cannot serve both Light and darkness.  You will eventually have to choose with whom you will be in unity. 
    Walk in My Light, always being in communication with Me instead of the powers of darkness who want to earn your cooperation in cursing what I bless. 
     Remember, if any human or negative rhetoric is not of love for all people it is not of Me. It is of the kingdom of darkness and it will swallow up the Light that is in you, with your permission, if you allow it into your mind.
     Forgiveness covers all sins, along with love.
     Your Forgiving, Loving Father of the Family of Light         

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