Sunday, August 9, 2015


Dear One,
    The only comparison to My Light in your world is that My power is like nuclear power multiplied to the nth degree.  Nuclear power can lighten entire huge cities, bringing light power to brighten the homes of people when darkness comes at night.  It powers all of the electrical equipment necessary to operate all appliances, office machinery, street lights, water plants and corporate plants.   It also brings light in darkness, all of those at the same time. Nuclear power is the most efficient and clean power available to My children.  Yet, some people have fallen for the temptations of the devil and have connived to use the nuclear power to destroy other people, dominating them instead of using nuclear power to enhance the lives of everyone.   Now do you understand My admonition when I told you through Jesus that you must be careful that the Light in you does not become darkness.  (Matthew 6:23-24)
    Some of My children begin their spiritual journeys walking only in My Light, the gospel of Jesus Christ, by being born of My Spirit.  (Matthew 4:17; John 3:3-7)  Then later they are enticed by the evil one into seeking power over others, or seeking riches of the world instead of My wisdom.  They leave their first love of Me and become seekers of wealth, domination, control of others, division, shame, judgment of others and condemnation of others.  They fall for the temptations of the devil just like Adam did. 
   Remember that Jesus, by the power of My Holy Spirit, refused the temptations of the devil.  My born again children have the same power to refuse those temptations to join into unity with the devil again and thus inheriting his curses instead of their staying in unity with Me and inheriting My blessings.   They are deceived, just like Eve was deceived, because she listened to the devil instead of listening to Me. I accused Adam of being disobedient because I told him not to listen to the voice of evil before I even created Eve.  Eve was deceived but Adam was disobedient to My admonition, and humanity began to be cursed.
    The same thing can happen to My children who are enticed by the devil to do the devil's works of anger, being judgmental, condemning, demeaning, divisive, hurtful, insulting, unforgiving, seeking revenge, abusive and other injurious actions toward My other children.  Paul asked My Spirit filled children in Galatians who had bewitched them.  He even said, "Oh, you foolish Galatians."  He said that they had begun their walk in My Spirit and then they retreated from My Light and they had returned to the judgments of religious laws and political wranglings. (Galatians 3:1-5)  He said that it should not be so.  He said that they had begun walking in the misdeeds of the flesh where satan works and had refused the leading of My Holy Spirit. Fellowship with Me was broken when they began obeying evil temptations from which they had previously been delivered by My power of Light.
     With full revelation knowledge of My Light and My Love, they would not have left My ways and joined again with the devil by which the light in them had become darkness.
     You know by now that your enemy, the devil, never gives up on enticing you back into joining him in his works.   I also never leave you or forsake you.  I never cease trying to bring My children into more and more Light which frees them from the devil's works.  However, when My children choose darkness instead of My Light, the darkness comes between us and My children cannot hear My voice of Love and reconciliation.  (Isaiah 59:1-2) Very often, they only return to me when they are tired of eating the slop in the devil's pig pen.  I am always ready and willing to receive every child who has been deceived back into My family because I know their weakness in joining into the deceptive works of satan who uses their flesh to do his works in the earth. (Galatians 5:16-21)
    My children who leave My Light and join with the evil one leave a path of destruction behind them.  That is when My explosive power comes into the equation.  When they return to me, through intercessory prayers in My Holy Spirit I restore the years that the worms and locusts have eaten.  (Joel 2:25-29)  My authoritative power is reestablished in My children and spoken through the prayers of My Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 1:16-23)  Reconciliation and restoration are completed through intercessory prayers. (Ephesians 6:10-17)
    My power is more than sufficient to destroy the works of evil in your life.  (I John 3:8)  Jesus did it through the power of My Spirit and you can do it only through the power of My Spirit.  I light up the world with My power.
    Your Light Giving Father

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