Sunday, August 16, 2015


Dear One,
    I enjoy spoiling My children.  I delight in spoiling My children.  I take pleasure in spoiling My children.  I even said in My Instruction Books that it is My good pleasure to give good gifts to My children. (Luke 12:32)  I created My children in order to have loyal offspring upon whom I can pour out My blessings from My heaven.
    My children have given a bad meaning to being spoiled.  Being spoiled by Me means that My children have inherited all of the spoils, the goods which came to Me after an enemy was defeated.  Jesus defeated the devil in  hell and He made it possible for Me to spoil you and all of My children with all of My good gifts.  Those gifts were originally yours, but they were confiscated by the devil when he deceived Adam into allowing him to enter the earth and rob My children of their rightful inheritance.  Jesus won back all of those gifts and He sent My Holy Spirit to be the dispenser of them.  They already had your name on them, so they are rightfully yours as My child. 
    The only time My children interfere with receiving My gifts is when they become like prodigal sons, following after Adam's example by listening to the devil, believing him, and following his promptings instead of Mine.  In doing those things they leave the comforts and advantages of being My child and they become one with the evil one.  They eventually find themselves living on a pig farm eating the pig slop with the pigs. They are cursed spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  The degradation becomes too much for them and the ones who come back to Me to receive My forgiveness and validation as being My children will begin receiving the benefits of being My children again.  All is forgiven and My blessings are bestowed upon them. There is no condemnation from Me, only rejoicing that they were lost and now they are found.  I pursue them while they are lost like the one lost sheep out of the hundred. 
    Often the devil influences My children to manifest his character in the earth by acting like what you call spoiled children but they really are rebellious children.  They have temper tantrums, become angry, rebellious, hateful, vengeful against some of My other children, sowers of strife among their families, fostering division among their religious and political institutions, all in obedience to the devil's promptings.  They claim to be doing those things for Me, but they are doing them for their own self gratification, endeavoring to appear as emissaries of Mine but they are actually missionaries of evil.  They inherit his evil curses instead of inheriting My blessings.  Their eyes are blinded and they are ignorant of their actions because they do not know My Instruction Book which was given to help them stay on the paths of righteousness.
    When you make Me your true Father, I always lead you on the paths of peace with all people.  (Psalm 23) As your Loving Father, your Shepherd, I lead you beside the still waters of peace.  I lead you to rest in green pastures which have no conflict or strife.  I restore your soul which previously was consumed with worry and fretting, restoring it to calmness and complete rest. I open the gates to the paths of righteousness, leading you onto them so that you will be known as My child with My character. 
    I give you confidence in Me instead of your having fear of death because I am always inside of you, assuring you of My love for you.  (I John 4:18-19)  I comfort you with My rod by beating evil spiritual scavengers off of you, and with My staff by gently pulling you out of the thickets filled with thorns in which you might wander. 
    While living in the earth in the midst of your enemies, who are the demons from hell, I prepare a table for you which has everything that you need, want and desire.  I give to you everything necessary for an abundant life.  (II Peter 1:3-4) I even give to you My character which is true godliness and purity, all by the indwelling of My Holy Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23) Your cup will run over with My blessings.  My goodness and mercy are evident in your life all the days of your life when you stay in unity with Me. 
    I said when I am your Shepherd, your true Father, that you will not want for anything. (Psalm 23:1)  Instead, you will be blessed in every area of your life.
I spoil you and embrace you and let you know that you are My treasured child.
   Be sure and stay in unity with Me.  Refuse evil promptings.  Resist them and they will leave you.  (James 4:7-10)  My blessings are for today and for the world to come when you are in heaven with Me.
    Your Loving, Giving Father

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