Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Dear One,
    I said in My Instruction Book that those who are led by My Spirit are called My children.  In other words, My true children are the ones who consult with Me, hear My words, take My advice and reap the benefits of My wisdom and knowledge. 
   Human parents say the same thing about their own children, some take the advice of their parents and avoid many pitfalls in their lives.  Others are headstrong, think they know all the answers, and reap the unpleasant results of their rebellion.  They are still natural children of the parents, but they do not reap the wonderful benefits of the obedient children who follow the advice and admonitions of the parents, much like the prodigal son in the example of Jesus.  My headstrong, rebellious, deceived children end up eating in the pen with the pigs because of their following the voice of the enemy of their entire families instead of the voices of their parents who have lived longer and are more experienced in the ways of the world.
    So when I said that those who are led by My Spirit are called My true children, I was saying that following My personal words of wisdom and knowledge has great benefits because I know how to lead My children around the traps set by the enemy, how to sow good seeds into their gardens of life, how to love their enemies so that they are not defeated in anything, how to keep peace with everyone so that peace will reign in their lives, how to reap My blessings in every area of their lives.  I am the Good Father and I only lead My children in My right paths to green pastures of rest and abundance.(Psalm 23)
    Many of My children decide what they want and then they demand that I grant their requests.  They are like the children of human parents who have temper tantrums and demand that their unreasonable requests be granted.  I still love them, but I cannot bless them because they are using techniques of their enemy, the devil, and his demons who are ministering to that child of mine put enmity between us.  Those children want me to follow them instead of them following My advice and insight.  Instead of being led by My Spirit, they want Me to follow their lead and bless it, even if it leads to destruction.  I cannot bless roads to destruction, even for My children.
    It is told in the Book of Instruction relating to rebellion and lost blessings the warning that if My children do what the children of Israel did when they wandered in the wilderness for years because of not following My lead and entering their land of milk and honey in a short time, that My children also fail to enter into their full blessings while they live in the earth that I created for them. Their failure is never on My part because I lead them into their blessings and full benefits.  The failure is because they do not choose to hear My voice and then take My advice.
They tell Me what to do instead of hearing My voice and taking My Fatherly advice which leads them into success and prosperity, overcoming every obstacle in their lives. They claim to walk in My Light when all the time they want to lead Me and then ask Me to bless their dangerous paths. (Hebrews 3:7-19)
    I am the Light.  I walk in the Light and I know the right paths, the right actions, the right thoughts, the right attitudes which will put you on the paths to a peaceful physical, emotional and mental rest.  From My heavenly perspective I see the traps, the holes, the destructive bombs that have been planted by your enemy.  I want to lead you around them so that you will not take ten steps backwards on the paths of life instead of always taking steps forward with My advice. (Hebrews 4:1-12)
    I provided My Holy Spirit to be your Light in the earth, leading you onto the beneficial paths of life on which you will be blessed instead of cursed because of bad decisions. I speak My wisdom to you through My Spirit and He is always obedient to Me, always eager to lead and guide you into a blessed life.  The secret is to hear His words, take His advice and continue to allow Me to lead you into the paths which lead to My blessings. (John 16:12-15)
     The broad way to destruction is easy.  The narrow way leading to all of My blessings is hard only because of your needing to separate yourself from your own desire to lead, asking Me to bless your leading.  (Matthew 7;13-14) Life becomes easy when you allow Me to lead you.  Taking the  time to hear My voice is the first requirement.  Then taking My advice is the second step.  Then reaping My  blessings is the result.
     Your Father of Light   

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