Saturday, August 1, 2015


Dear One,
     In the beginning when the devil tempted Eve in the garden of Eden, he lied to her and told her that they would not die if she and Adam obeyed him.  (Genesis 3:-4) I had already told Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which meant not to obey both Me and to the devil, thus having the devil's evil knowledge and My good knowledge. (Genesis 2:16-17) I did not tell Eve not to eat of that tree, she was not created when I told Adam that admonition.(Genesis 2:18)  Adam relayed My message to Eve.  Eve did not hear it first hand from Me.  So the devil tempted Eve, who relayed the temptation to Adam. (Genesis 3:6)  Both Adam and Eve obeyed the devil, thus allowing him to enter the earth with his demons, all of which were determined to destroy everything that I created.
    If you want to know how the earth became polluted with evil, read the succession of the demons who manifested their presence in the earth.  The first one was shame, for when I called Adam to account for his betrayal of Me, he hid from Me in shame.  (Genesis 3:8) The demon of shame from hell became in control of Adam and Eve.  They hid from Me instead of communicating with Me in the cool of the evenings like we had previously done. 
    When I asked Adam if he had obeyed the father of evil, Adam immediately blamed the disobedience on Eve. (Genesis 3:11-13) So blame was the second demon to be identified.  Blame began to be in the personalities of My children to be passed down from that day forward.  It is called the Adam syndrome, blaming someone else for your problems.  For men it is usually the women in their lives, always blaming their lack of success on the females in their life.  She becomes the scapegoat for his failures.  Women blame other women also, their mothers or daughters or female friends for their unhappiness.
    Blame is just another word for judging.  Blame declares a person guilty of something and judging also declares a person guilty of something. (Matthew 7:1)
    So My character trait that is opposite to blaming and judging is forgiveness and absolution for the person.  Since the sacrifice of Jesus, I ask My children to put all blame and judgment where it belongs, on the tempter who causes all sins,  transgressions, iniquities, misdeeds or mistakes. (John 1:29; I John 2:1-3) 
   You have courts of law that dispense punishment for acts of disobedience to civil laws, and rightfully so, but I ask My children who are filled with My wisdom and knowledge to forgive people for their hurtful actions, refusing to yield to the demons of blame and judgment.  (Matthew 6:14-15) My reason for asking that they give no place to blame and judgement of My other children is so that they will not be burdened with the activity of demonic spirits which curse their lives, keeping them in bondage to evil by replaying hurtful offenses against them in their minds over and over again.  Forgiveness is what I ask of My children when they have been injured in some way so that they will be loosed from the demonic powers of blame and judgment, which leads to being judged themselves and blamed by others because of the seeds that they have sown.
    Jesus already suffered on the cross and went to hell for your wrongdoings and the wrongdoings of everyone who ever lived.  You don't need to blame or be blamed for anything.  You don't need to judge or be judged for anything in the courts of heaven.  The payment has already been paid.  The punishment has already been dispensed upon Jesus.  In My eyes and in the eyes of My children the punishment for all wrongdoings have already been fulfilled.  That is why forgiveness is so easy for My children who are educated in My grace.  They know that their citizenship is in My heaven where everything is forgiven.  Any civil dispensation of punishment for breaking civil laws will be carried out by your courts of civil laws.  You must declare everyone innocent because of Jesus' payment for the sins of everyone, but you allow your civil courts to justly dispense their judgment according to their laws in order to protect the innocent people from the lawbreakers.
   My children must learn the difference between My kingdom, of which you are a member by spiritual birthright, and their earthly nations in which their live, of which you are members by your earthly parents.  They are different with different laws and different dispensations of laws and punishment.  In My family's court of law everyone is deemed not guilty because Jesus has already made the required payment for yielding to the father of evil, the devil.  In My family, My kingdom, the devil is the one who is always guilty and My children are always not guilty because the propitiation for all sins have been made by Jesus. 
    Watch out for the spirit of blame which causes you to put the blame for your suffering, your lack of success, your unhappiness and your misery upon some human being.  All humans are deemed pure in My eyes, just like you are.  Put the blame on the demons who tempt people to do dastardly things to others.  (Ephesians 6:10-12; Genesis 3:13)
   If you judge you will be judged in return.  It is the result of the demonic spirit of judgment and blame which came into the world at the disobedience of Adam.  In order to defeat that spirit so that you will not be judged also, forgive others of every spiritual, emotional or physical offense against you.  You will be identified as My child when you do it because I forgive every offense immediately because they never existed in My eyes.  They are white as snow and obliterated.  They never happened, only in your eyes if you refuse to forgive. (John 20:22-23)  I do not want to exact punishment and neither should My children.
   Your Forgiving Father     

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