Saturday, August 8, 2015


Dear Ones,
    My children purchase security systems to protect them from earthly home invaders. Earthly home invaders can only take what perishes with age and rots.
The real invaders do not come in the front door, the back door or the windows of a home.  The most destructive invaders come in through the minds of My children, yet My children neglect to fulfill the appointment that I gave them to become constant watchmen, watching for the spiritual enemies who desire to rob your soul and spirit of My gifts to you.  (Matthew 6:19-22)
    Jesus told you to watch for the robbers who steal My Light from you.  He said that they do it by introducing darkness into your mind which will eventually overcome the Light that is in you if you do not recognize the darkness as what it is, an effort to snuff out My light which shines within you.  He said that if the light in you is overcome by darkness, then the darkness becomes greater than My light. (Matthew 6:23-24)  He said that you cannot serve two spiritual beings, Light and darkness, Light being Me and darkness being the devil, because you will leave one and cling to the other.
    Then Jesus identified some of the invaders when He cautioned you to monitor your mind, always watching for thoughts of worry, anxiety and fretting.  He said that worrying about anything will not produce My blessings in your life.  He said that those thoughts only rob you of My blessings.  (Matthew 6:25-32)  He said that I know your needs before you do, and I supply them if you will seek Me and My righteousness instead of the darkness that invades your mind with depression and worry. He was telling you that you have the choice of whether to select the thoughts that come from My Light or the thoughts of the devil's darkness that present themselves to your mind. (Matthew 6:33-34) 
    Jesus cautioned you not to take the thoughts of despair that come to your mind.  He meant not to accept them, not to welcome them, not to harbor them.  He said to take My thoughts of faith, hope and love when they come to your mind.     
    When the dark thoughts of worry, fretting, despair, anger or envy of the treasures of other people come to your mind, counteract those thoughts with My thoughts of faith and hope in Me.  Speak to the dark thoughts by professing your faith in My ability to supply ALL of your needs according to My riches in glory.  (Philippians 4:19-20)  When you do that, you are telling the spirits of darkness that they cannot rob you of My Light of faith and hope because you are fully convinced that I will supply your needs.  (Romans 4:21-22)
     Don't take the devil's thoughts into your precious mind, the mind which I created to commune with Me and receive My thoughts.  Reject the dark thoughts. 
     My Holy Spirit is the tutor who puts My thoughts into your mind such as the thought that I will supply all of your needs according to My riches in glory.  Speak that promise a hundred or even a thousand times a day if you are receiving dark thoughts which were sent by the devil to defeat you.  Replace thoughts of lack with thoughts of My love for you and My promise that I will supply My riches which are yours because you are My child.
    Home invaders can only steal things that rot and corrupt.  Mind invaders can steal your peace, your love and your joy.  Be careful to monitor every thought that invades your mind.  Reject the dark ones which come from hell.  Cling to the Light ones which come from Me.  I am your good Father and I love to supply everything that you need. Seek Me and My righteousness and everything will be added to your life. (Matthew 6:34-35)
    Your Loving, Light Filled Father   

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