Friday, August 14, 2015


Dear One,
     I said that hearing My voice and then taking My advice is the first key to having success in every area of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, in relationships, professionally and recreationally. (Matthew 6:33) My wisdom is available to anyone who seeks it.  Human wisdom is often inadequate unless it is wisdom that has come from Me and had been taught to others by the hearers of My wisdom. But true wisdom is hearing My personal words to you relating to everything in your life. 
    In your world education is the key to financial success.  Education is wisdom relating to particular areas of life and it is touted as a guarantee of success. That is not always true because many people with a number of educational degrees are not successful in life because of lack of wisdom in other areas of their lives.  Earthly wisdom that is gained from education is not cheap.  It is expensive.  The key is to gain educational wisdom but to also gain the wisdom necessary to make the right decisions, the right choices, how to exhibit the right behavior, the right treatment of other people, the right exercise of your will, the right care for your possessions, the right guidance for your family and others, and how to sow the right seeds in your garden of life so that you will reap the blessings of My family. 
     When you come into ownership of new machinery, new household appliances, new vehicles or new electronic devices, the first thing you do is to read the instruction manual, gaining wisdom on how to make the new equipment work efficiently in your life. If you don't, there is a danger of your ruining the acquisition quickly, rendering it useless to you.  The same thing applies to your life.  I have given to My children an Instruction Book called the Bible, which is an accumulation of many books of instruction on how to make your life successful in the earth.  I even sent My Son into the world to relay efficient wisdom to My other children on how to have the abundant life that I promised, abundant love, abundant joy, abundant peace, abundant goodness, abundant kindness, abundant mercy for others, abundant patience toward others, abundant faith to receive all of My blessings into your life.  I even told you through Him that the key is to seek Me and My wisdom, called My righteousness, and that everything will be added to you.  His pleas to My children were that they seek Me and follow the instructions in My new updated Instruction Book.
    Very often My children follow the instructions in an old Instruction Book, one meant for My outdated relationship with a country through whom the flesh of My Son Jesus descended.  They take those instructions and apply them to My new relationship with all people.  I warned them not to put the new wine into the old wine skins.  Jesus said that they had been taught religiously to hate their enemies, but He said that the truth from Me is that they love their enemies and do good to them.  Those were two of the instructions from Me relating to having success in their lives.  If they stick with the old religious instructions, they will have failures and curses in their lives because they were using outdated, noneffective religious practices which came from men instead of from Me. Often old instructions from Me were related to what was happening in the history of that old covenant with a country which have no relevance to your life at all today. 
    My new advice of great wisdom given through Jesus was so revolutionary that  the religious leaders of the day crucified My Son for teaching the true elements of My will in all matters. They wanted to continue in the old, outdated instructions of their prophets, rejecting the instructions from My Son who was My Perfect Mouthpiece in the earth.  My methods are effective and workable in the lives of My children, but they must throw out the old ones that were meant for a rebellious nation and embrace the new ones which are meant for all of My new creations. (Romans 8:6-9;  II Corinthians 35:17)
    "My wisdom cries aloud in the streets," was said by the man who asked Me for My wisdom.  (Proverbs 1:20-23)  He did not ask for riches or status, he only asked for My wisdom.  I gave prime elements of My wisdom to him and he became wealthy in riches and in status, not because he sought them, but because he sought My wisdom and My wisdom attracted them to him.  Rulers came from far and near to him simply to hear his wisdom, depositing gold and riches at his feet.  You must learn from that history, knowing that when you seek My wisdom, receiving it and taking My advice, that My angels will see that My blessings overtake you.
    So seek My wisdom relating to all matters in your life.  Hear My personal words of instruction to you.  Hear My loving words and encouraging words of advice which I always confirm in My Instruction Book.  They are tailor made for you and your situation.  I am inside of you and I know your circumstances and your problems.  I know how to make a path out of the bad situations for you.  They might never be instructions that I give again because they are specific to your finding the solutions to anything troubling in your life. (I Corinthians 2:11-14)
    James told you that if you lack wisdom relating to anything, that you should ask Me for knowledge and insight relating to your situation.  He said that when you are being tried by the devil in anything, that you must seek My wisdom, receive My wisdom and follow My advice.  When you do that, you will walk in My abundant life, as promised.  You should not just endure the suffering.  Seek Me and My righteous way to solve the problem earthly while I am working to solve it spiritually.  (James 1:2-8)
    My promise is that if you will seek My kingdom and My righteousness that everything will be added to your life.  The first thing that I will always tell you is to love others as I love you.  That is the starting point. 
    I am eager for My children to inherit all that I have for them.  You must follow My advice in order to put yourself in the flow of My blessings.   My river of blessings and wisdom never stop flowing from My kingdom. They are for you, set aside for you from the foundation of the world.
    Seek My wisdom and live.  I know how to overcome all of the works of the devil. 
    Your Father of Wisdom and Knowledge

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