Saturday, August 22, 2015


Dear One,
    In Psalm 23 David wrote a marvelous profession of faith. He professed his confidence in My abilities to provide everything that was needed in David's life, physically, emotionally, mentally and physically. His confidence was in My Shepherding abilities and because of those abilities he knew that I would protect him, provide for him, lead and guide him and teach him. David knew the necessary talents of a good shepherd, and because he knew Me so intimately he professed that I am the perfect Shepherd.
    David spoke of My preparing a table before him in the presence of his enemies.  (Psalm 23:5) He was not speaking of My preparing a table in heaven because there are no enemies of My children there.  He was speaking of his earthly life, that I prepare a table of wisdom and knowledge for him, just like Jesus said that man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from My mouth. Jesus said that you must eat the bread of His flesh and drink the wine of His blood.  Both David and Jesus were talking about hearing My voice and then taking My advice. 
     It was the presence of My Holy Spirit in Jesus that made His blood so special.  A child's blood type comes from its father.  The blood type of Jesus came from Me through My Holy Spirit because My Spirit overshadowed Mary and impregnated her with My spiritual sperm.  (Luke 1:35) So when My children choose to be born of My Spirit, they take into their spirits My blood type, My Holy Spirit.  That is how being born of My Spirit takes place.  (John 3:3-9)Jesus said that it is impossible to understand, but that it's like the wind blowing, you can't see it but you know and feel the results of it.  When you choose to be born of My Spirit, you don't know how the dramatic change is made in you, you just know that you are different, with new attitudes, new thoughts, new motivations and new values.  That is the table of which David spoke, that even in the earth where there are many spiritual enemies at work to defeat you, but that I make available to you the ability to be born of My Spirit with the power to overcome all of the works of the devil. Fear is gone and faith in Me replaces it.
    In the time of David it was at the dinner table that men were able to teach their children.  They were gathered together to eat human food, but it was the habit of fathers to use that setting to prepare their children for life with its many difficulties.  They taught their children how to avoid evil, how to treat others, how to be prudent, how to  gauge their time, how to watch for invaders, how to take care of their crops and animals which were their food supply.  Some good human fathers do the same thing in your world.  It is a time of being in total unity around the meal and the ears of children are open to the teachings of their fathers. So when David professed that I prepare a table for him, even in the presence of his enemies, he was saying that when unity with Me is accomplished, that I am able to commune with My children, teaching them, mentoring them, guiding them with My wisdom and knowledge so that they will not yield to those enemies who are ever present in the spiritual world around them, but My children will overcome those works of the devil, just like Jesus did.  (I John 3:8)
    My wisdom and knowledge, which Jesus knew was the only basis of his ability to overcome all evil, are always available to My children.  David said that I constantly prepare the table for My children, always being available to give them insight and wisdom in order to triumph over everything in life which would corrupt or destroy them. Two of the fruit of My Spirit are wisdom and knowledge. They reside inside of you if you are born of My Spirit and baptized with My Spirit. The solutions to all of your problems are available in the person of My Holy Spirit.
    My table is prepared.  Come and eat of My wisdom and knowledge and I will tell you how to find all solutions to problems in your life.  To eat of My flesh and drink of My blood means to hear the words of My Spirit and then to take My valuable advice, making them flesh in you. Your cup of blessings will run over.
    Your Father of Wisdom and Knowledge

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