Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Dear One,
    There are some of My children who follow me, allowing Me to lead and guide them through the power of My Holy Spirit, and there are some of My children who want to lead Me, telling Me what is the best solution to their problems and then asking Me to bless their strategies.  You can guess which of My children are blessed beyond imagination. 
    There is no way the human mind alone can concoct the strategies and organizations necessary to walk in My effective paths of life on which My benefits flood into your life and all of your prayers are answered.  Your human mind is limited in its abilities and powers to only what is seen with the human eye and heard with the human ear.  Unfortunately it is also influenced by the enemy of My children, the devil, who wants to curse every aspect of your life.  Yet, some of My children still want to pray to Me, asking Me for answers to their prayers but they want to continue in the limitations of their human minds, trying to figure out ways to succeed in areas in which they were formerly cursed. They do not want to take the time, by spending time with Me,  to hear My effective wisdom and insight into their problems.  They want to do ineffective religious duties and programs, hoping to earn My attention, expecting Me to bless their human efforts.  It doesn't work that way and it never worked that way. That strategy is a precursor to complete failure.
    When you have a problem with a mechanical instrument, you go to a mechanic for his or her expertise.  When you have a problem with your health, you go to a physician for his or her expertise.  When you have a problem with nutritional problem, you go to a nutritionist for his or her expertise.  When you have a problem with an educational problem, you go to a teacher or educator for his or her expertise.  Yet, when you have a spiritual problem you often pray to Me for a miraculous answer and you then neglect taking time to consult with Me on the necessary things that you need to do in the earth to expedite the work that I am doing in the heavenly dimension in answer to your prayers.  The minute you pray, I am on the job, working My miraculous orchestrations.   But, if you do not take time to hear My helpful personal wisdom relating to the particular problem, you continue in the inefficient thought, attitude and action patterns that got you into the problem in the first place.  I cautioned you in My Instruction Book that you should not be like people of the past who wandered aimlessly for years in their problems because they refused to hear My wisdom relating to the easy, effective solutions.
     My Holy Spirit wrote to My born again, Spirit baptized children that they should not be like My children who never come to the knowledge of the truth relating to a situation because they get angry, judgmental, rebellious, impatient and faithless refusing to spend time with Me and hear My wisdom.  (Hebrews 4:1-13)  They knew that I was calling them into fellowship with me, but they disobeyed My admonition to enter into communion with Me in order to find out why their religious and political efforts were ineffective and, in fact, cursing their lives. They did not want to give up their ineffective ways in exchange for My effective, loving ways. They claim to seek Me, but they seek emotional highs instead, seeking for the teachings of men to apply Band-aids to their problems instead of hearing My wisdom and working with Me to effecuate a permanent solution to their problems. Instead of loving their enemies, they hate their enemies.  Instead of doing good to those who offend them, they multiply the evil by seeking vengeance.  They judge anyone who is different from them instead of loving them as My child.  (II Timothy 3:2-9) They participate in political wranglings as if their citizenship was in the earth instead of in My heaven.  In doing those things, they place themselves on the side of evil instead of remaining in My family of good where all of My blessings flow.
    Your brother Jesus died so that you could hear My voice spoken to you through My Holy Spirit, the voice of spiritual reason and insight which contains all of My wisdom, knowledge and insight into how to live the abundant life that was purchased for you by Jesus. (Hebrews 3:11-16) Every solution to every problem that will ever present itself in your life was already designed and produced in My Mind so I am eager and willing to share with you the wisdom relating to your present problem.  You are My child.  I am eager to give you My wisdom and knowledge relating to your problems.  Life comes from intercourse, and spiritual life comes from spiritually, mentally and verbally intercoursing with Me in order to receive My wisdom.  (James 1: 2-8)
    Your enemy, the devil, brings problems into your life in order to test your faith.  I know your faith level because I live in you.  I would never test your faith.  Good parents do not test their children.  Only abusive parents do. 
    I said that My children perish because of lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)  My Holy Spirit has all wisdom and knowledge relating to your problems and trying situations and I sent Him to live in you.  So you have within you all wisdom and knowledge necessary to see all problems solved, but it requires your taking time to seek Me and My wisdom.  I said to seek Me and My righteousness and all things will be added to you.  Seek Me in your prayer closet.  Intercourse is never done in public.  It is done in private.  Spiritual intercourse is done in your prayer closet, one on one with Me. (Matthew 6:5-6)
    I am always available for our times of fellowship which produce the infusion of My wisdom into your mind. solving your troubles and problems.  I want you delivered from curses.  If you want rest for your soul, come to Me and hear My loving insight and wisdom.  I am always waiting for you.
    Your Problem Solving Father    

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