Friday, July 31, 2015


Dear One,
    One of the most powerful strategies of My family of Light is the power of forgiveness.  When My children are able to forgive other people from their hearts for spiritual, emotional or physical injuries done to them, they release themselves from the horrors of the past. If they refuse to forgive, they relive those horrors in their minds over and over again.  The injuries continue with increased damage. My children think they are punishing the wrongdoers over and over again, but in reality they are allowing the original evil actions toward them to injure them over and over again, punishing themselves.  (Matthew 6:112-14)
    My children must learn that reliving the original hurtful actions from the past are not their own thoughts, but they are the thoughts placed in their minds by their enemy, the devil, to injure them over and over again.  Forgiveness takes My children out of the hands of the evil one and releases them from the strongholds caused by reliving the horrors again and again.  I do not want you to relive the experiences again and again in your mind.  You do not want to suffer the horrors again and again in your mind.  The only one who wants you to suffer again and again is the devil, who was the originator of the injury in the first place.  Pride in his ability to injure My children is his motivation for putting the images of the injury in your mind; he is proud of his work and proud that he keeps you bound to his evil works from the past.  You are kept in the grip of his hands repeatedly,  strengthening his grip with every thought of the injury.  That is why they are called "strong holds".  Forgiving the offense releases you from that stronghold which binds you to the past offense and binds you to the devil's work in your life. (II Corinthians 10:4-5)
    When My children know that I forgive them for every offense that they have done against others, against themselves and against Me, they realize that forgiving others is an extension of My forgiveness, which is releasing themselves from the hands of the devil and his continuous injuries.  Forgiveness is not a noble, religious act because you are holier than others.  Forgiveness is a battle strategy against evil, releasing My children from the stronghold of their only enemy, the devil.   I said those whom I set free are free indeed.  (John 8:36) Forgiveness is the primary way to be free. 
     When you are released from the hurts of the past, you are free to receive My blessings in the present and in the future.  If you are bound to the past by reliving an old offense in your mind, you are in bondage to that situation and you are cursed by it, making it impossible for Me to bestow My blessings upon you.  By preferring to relive the past injuries, you prefer the past injuries to My blessed future for you.
    Forgiveness begins with an act of your will, being willing to let go of the hurt, the circumstances, the situation and the person who injured you.  It is extending to that person the same grace that I extend to you.  I extend the grace of forgiveness to you so that you will be free from the works of the devil in your life.  Jesus died for your mistakes and misdeeds so that you will be free from the punishment for them that the devil wants to dish out upon you.  Jesus paid the price already for your yielding to the father of evil and you must extend the same grace to others, releasing both of you from the injurious strategies of the father of darkness.
    By forgiving others you release yourself from reliving a horrible situation and you release the other person from your mind.  Refusing to forgive allows the offending person to ride on your back as a burden.  It is exhausting mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You are bound to the person and the offense. (Matthew 16:19)
    To forgive means to release it from your mind, to give the incident forward to Me to deal with.  Avenging you is My business.  I always stand up for My children, but I do it with the power of Love which bring life instead of death.
    The power of forgiveness is a powerful strategy instituted by Me to take burdens off of My children.  I even take them, purify them, and bring life to everyone concerned.  When you forgive a person, releasing him or her from your mind to Me, you give Me permission to bring My redeeming strategies into their lives, calling them into a loving relationship with Me.  Then the works of the devil are null and void in their lives because they are My child, deserving of My good gifts.
    Score another one for our side! (Ephesians 6:10-18)
    Your Light Giving, Life Giving Father        

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