Friday, July 17, 2015


Dear One,
   Old things pass away; behold, all things become new.  That is the description of the lives of My children when they choose to receive My blessings by choosing to be motivated by My Spirit.  All old injurious events of the past are dissolved, blotted out and obliterated.  New advantageous events are brought into the present and the future because your new citizenship is of My kingdom of peace and love instead of the kingdom of destruction and hatred of which you were loyal in the past.(II Corinthians 5:17-21)
   New thoughts, new attitudes and new actions of love become your guides when you are a new creature in Christ Jesus.  He overcame all of the works of the devil and He does the same thing in you, alerting you to the tendencies to slip back into the pig pen of hatred, anger and destruction.  It is your responsibility to stay in communication with Me because of the free will that I gave to all people to refuse the temptations that come from the devil into your newly created mind. (I John 3:8)
   The devil cannot stand that you have chosen My ways over his ways, so he tempts you to return to the thoughts, attitudes and actions of the old life, bidding you to cooperate with him in being negative, accusatory, lying, judgmental, self serving, hurtful and jealous. The only way he can do that is by tempting you to choose his ways over My ways.  It happens many times every day and sometimes you do not recognize the temptations, When you don't, you slowly slip back into the old motivations and begin to again be an emissary of evil, all the while professing to be My child.
   One of the insidious ways he snags you is by causing you to relive in your mind an event from the past that was injurious to you and your family. When you accept that thought and dwell on  it, you take the person who hurt you out of the covering of your forgiveness and you resurrect the devil's work instead of destroying it by forgiving the person.  You give life to the event and it plagues you again because you can't get it out of your mind.  You talk it as well as think it and all of the demons who instigated the event in the past are called into action again in your life to further curse it with more injurious events. (Luke 11:20-26) 
   Remember the teaching of Jesus when he said that when a man's house is swept clean by being delivered of a demon, for instance the demon of judging and condemning of others, that the demon walks the earth looking for some place to rest and do his evil deeds.  When My child resurrects in his or her mind a former injury and begins to relive it, then that demon returns to its former house that is swept clean and it brings seven more demons with it to dwell there.  The state of My child is worse than it was at first.  (Matthew 12:43-45)
    Do not fall for the trick of the devil when he introduces into your mind a former offense done to you.  The reason for his temptation is to snag you again and make you a temple for more evil spirits to inhabit, invading your life with more bad thoughts so that there are more curses.
    Those tempting thoughts do not originate with you.  Why would you want to relive the terror caused by the events?  You wanted to be delivered from them in the past and that is why you came to Me for My loving ministry of healing.  I taught you to forgive which means to blot out the offense.  When you did that, you were free from the curses that it brought.  So you must be a watchman, always being alerted to the thoughts which take you back to any horrible event in your life.  It is dead.  Let it stay dead.  Do not breathe life into it and resurrect it because when you do, you also resurrect the curses of unhappiness, injury and terror that accompanied the event.
    Tell the memory thoughts of injury to you or members of your family that the event is dead, that it is blotted out, that it is obliterated and never happened as far as you and I are concerned.  If it doesn't exist in your mind and My mind, then it never happened.  The only one who remembers it is the devil and he wants to bring seven more demons into your life in addition to the first one, so that he can ruin your life. 
    In my family old things are dead, passed away, obliterated; behold, all things become new. All of My blessings come with your new life, My love, My peace, My joy and My magnificent gifts.  You don't want to relive the past and resurrect the horrors of it just for a few minutes of licking your own wounds that is caused by an event that is no longer existent.  Let it go and embrace My freedom from the past.
    Your Forgiving Father

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