Monday, July 6, 2015


Dear One,
    The entirety of the gospel, the good news, was contained within the sample prayer that was taught by Jesus to His followers.  It was good news that My children could approach Me as their Father instead of a distant king.  My Son, Himself, is the One who taught that truth, to people. 
    It was good news that the day would come when My kingdom would come in the lives of people just like it came in the life of Jesus, by the power of My Holy Spirit.
   It was good news that I would eventually be able to reveal My will and My power to every one of My children and they would be able to experience My kingdom while they still live in the earth.  My daily bread of life would be theirs.
   It was good news that all of their sins would be completely blotted out as they blotted out the sins of others. The truth that they were able to forgive sins was mind boggling to My children. 
    The next thing that He taught them to pray was that I would not lead them into temptations but that I would deliver them from evil.  The first man, Adam, was tempted by the devil and he obeyed the devil and allowed curses to come upon all of mankind.  Jesus had to suffer the same temptation as Adam in order to establish His power and authority over the devil.  Jesus refused the temptations to do evil when He was tempted in the wilderness, having been led there by My Spirit.  It was necessary for Him to show His authority over evil temptations of the devil in order to cast out the demons that controlled people with diseases, physical, mental and spiritual ones.  He had to do what Adam could not do, refuse to obey evil. (Matthew 4:1-11) In doing that, He established His power and authority for His ministry. If He had obeyed the temptations of the devil in the wilderness, He would not have had authority to cast out demons from people because He would have been an agent of evil rather than My Son. (Romans 15:40-50)
     Jesus coached His disciples to pray that they would not be led into temptation, like He was, in order to establish good in a world that was controlled by evil.  He knew that they did not have the same power at that time to resist evil temptations because they were still under the authority of the devil, who was the prince of the world at that time having been handed authority in the earth by Adam in his fall out of a relationship with Me.  (Luke 8:43-44)
     Jesus had My life within Him and My anointed kingdom around Him, so He had the power to refuse evil temptations.  He knew that His followers did not have the power and authority to resist evil temptations, so He wanted to make sure that I did not lead His followers into temptation like I had to lead Him into the same situation that Adam was in when he obeyed evil.  Jesus had to resist in the same situation with the same temptations that Adam had.  Jesus triumphed over evil temptations but He knew that His followers at the time did not have the power of My Holy Spirit in their lives in order to resist the same evil temptations.
      However, Jesus prayed that I would deliver My children from evil instead of leading them into temptations like I strategically had to do with Him to establish His authority over evil. He knew they needed to be delivered from evil and He knew that He was the One who was to do the sacrificial work. 
     It was good news to My children at the time and throughout history that I would deliver them from evil.  That was accomplished when Jesus died for the sins of the world and after He came back to live with Me. He sent the same power that caused Him to triumph over evil into the world to be received by anyone who asked, that power being My powerful, authoritative Holy Spirit. 
     Jesus knew that the only way My children and My creation would be delivered from evil was through the power of My Holy Spirit being incorporated into their entire beings by their being born of My Spirit and being baptized in My Spirit.  (John 3:5-8; Acts 1: 4-8; Acts 2:1-4)
      Every word that Jesus coached My children to pray was good news, the gospel, the truth about My coming to live in the earth inside of them and becoming their personal Father, giving them them the power to forgive others and the power to overcome evil.
      The instructive prayer of Jesus (Matthew 6:9-15) contained all of the good news that My children yearned to hear from Me: first, that I would make it possible for humans to have a one-on-one Father/child relationship with Me; second, that My heaven would come to earth in their lives, and through that event that I would make it possible, with My power, for My will to be done by them; third, that I would provide daily guidance for them; fourth, that forgiveness would be universal for all people in My heaven and it must be incorporated in the earth through My children; fifth, that I would give My children the power to triumph over evil by My power and authority living in them which would deliver them from evil.
     It was all good news, not the bad news that they had heard from their religious leaders.  People need to hear My good news in your world.  Speak it and live it.
     Your Loving Father  

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