Friday, July 10, 2015


Dear One,
    Possible means that something is capable of happening.  Probable means that something is liable to happen.  Guaranteed means that something will happen, that it is a 100% fact that it will occur. Faith is looking at something for which you pray as guaranteed to become a fact.  Faith is based upon My promises to My children, that I will do what they ask Me to do. 
    Can you ask amiss?  Yes.  According to James, who had a marvelous revelation of My power and abilities and also had a revelation of the power of the human tongue to create good or create evil, My children can ask amiss, asking Me to fulfill their own lustful passions. (James 4:1-4) There is no scriptural basis for those prayers being answered by Me because the answer would be detrimental to you, My child. Good human parents do not grant the selfish tantrums of their own children because they know that what is demanded by the child would be injurious to the child and others either physically, emotionally or spiritually.
     Prayers are answered according to My will because I am your Good Father.  I have documented My will in every situation and every circumstance to My children.  The criteria for knowing My will is if the answer to your prayers will be loving and kind to yourself and to others.  If it is going to be detrimental to you or others, then it is not My will.  That is why I have told you to weigh everything you think and imagine on the righteous scale of love.  If it is loving to yourself and others, then it is My will to grant your request.  If there is any chance in it being injurious to you or others, then it is not My will.
    You have heard the saying that "if there is a will there is a way."  It is true spiritually.  If your request is within the parameters of My will, which is love, then I will find a way to answer your requests.  There is no limitation to My ability to meet your needs, wants and desires if the requests are from the attitude of love and kindness.  When they are, then My explosive power will grant your requests.
    When you walk in the leading of My Spirit and when you pray in My Spirit, then you are asking everything in the powerful attitude of love. (Romans 8:5-14; 8:26-28) Every request that you make will be supernaturally granted by Me because you ask according to My will of love.
     My children who intimately know Me and walk in My love, do not ask for anything amiss because they know Me and My motivation to give all of My kingdom to them.  They know that the answer to their prayers is always yes and amen, so be it.   Guaranteed!  (Luke 12:32)
      Jesus was the guaranty of the answer to your prayers which are motivated by My love. (Ephesians 1:13-16)
      Your Father of the Family of Love

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