Saturday, July 4, 2015


Dear One,
    The prayer by Jesus holds a multitude of spiritual truths when He obliged by answering His disciples questions relating to teaching them to pray.  His example of what name by which to address Me was new and revolutionary because of their tradition of being taught that My name is too holy to be uttered.  Jesus taught them to address Me as Father of all. That started a rebellion by religious leaders because of their rigid traditions.
    Then He taught My children that they should pray that My kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven.  That request to Me is still considered by many people to be a false petition because of the belief that My kingdom is only accessible when  people die and  their spirits come to live with Me in My heaven.  However, Jesus later told His followers that when He cast devils out of people by My finger, which is My Holy Spirit, that My kingdom came upon them.  So Jesus was teaching that My kingdom is available to all of My children who seek Me.
    Included in His sample prayer was the request to Me that I will supply the bread necessary for each day.  That requested bread was not particular to any kind of bread but related to any bread that is necessary to sustain life, whether spiritual bread, physical bread or emotional bread.  On any particular day, the needs of some might be the bread made of wheat which nourishes the body.  On another day, the needs of some might be the emotional bread needed to encourage them, ego food as you might call it. 
   Jesus knew that every day My children need spiritual food, revelations which bring My wisdom into the mind of anyone who is open to receive it.  He called it  the bread of life.  (Matthew 4:4) Jesus said that He is the bread of life,  He said that Moses gave them bread for their bodies but that I give the spiritual bread which brings true life to My children.  My words spoken through Jesus and My Holy Spirit are life to those who consume them. (John 6:33-37; 6:48-59)  Any good food consumed nourishes your body, making it healthy.   It is the same with My spiritual food, it changes you, spirit, soul and body.
    So receiving My spiritual, personal words are health to your body and bones because I will direct you away from the paths of evil and into the paths of goodness which always bring peace and rest to you.  (Proverbs 3:5-8)
    Jesus was telling My children in His sample prayer that you should pray to hear My words to you, My spiritual bread, so that you will have heaven on earth because My guidance always leads you away from spiritual curses and guides  you into collecting your inheritance as My child.
     My words are life.  They are health.  They are guidance.  They are revelation.  They are wisdom.  They are love words and they are comforting words.  They are all the words which bring My life into your life, or bring My kingdom into your earthly life, bringing heaven to earth. (John 16:13-15)
     Don't be satisfied by merely hearing the words that I speak to others.  Seek to hear My personal words to you because those words are filled with My life. 
     Pray like Jesus did, that I will give you daily spiritual bread through My Spirit which will bring love and wisdom to your human mind. Your darkened minds will be enlightened and you will be thrilled with the daily spiritual bread which I give.
     Your Father, the Baker of Spiritual Bread Necessary for Life. 

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