Sunday, July 5, 2015


Dear One,
    Jesus would not teach you, His brothers and sisters, anything that is not possible, effective and workable.  In His sample prayer He taught many truths that were different than religious traditions at the time and He taught truths that were difficult for His disciples to understand. The reason He gave examples and taught in parables later is because of the lack of understanding that they had and so he always related the truths to their daily lives. 
     He called Me Our Father, which angered the religious leaders. (Matthew 6:9) He said that calling Me the name of Father is just as special as the traditional names that they were afraid to utter.  He prayed that My kingdom would come on earth and that My will would be done on earth just as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10) That inflamed the religious leaders and their religious followers even more after He taught that His casting out devils from a person would cause My kingdom to come upon them.  It was an answer to His sample prayer. 
    When He prayed that I would give daily spiritual food to My children by My speaking personally to them, it was blasphemy to religious leaders because traditionally they were the only ones who could hear from Me. (Matthew 9:11) It was thought that commoners were unclean, too dirty to speak to Me face to face, spirit to Spirit. Yet, Jesus ministered to the common people instead of to the religious leaders and their religious followers at the time.
     He also taught His followers to pray that their sins, trespasses and debts would be forgiven as they forgave the sins, trespasses and debts of others. (Matthew 6:12) That was true blasphemy to the religious leaders because under traditional religious laws only the priests could forgive sins, trespasses and debts, and then only when the proper sacrifices were made.  Jesus was telling the people that as they forgive the offenses of others that their own sins and trespasses would be obliterated, too. That was revolutionary at the time and is still often revolutionary in certain doctrines.
     We have talked at length in the past about forgiveness and the fact that it means to give forward, to release the offense from your mind, letting it go and blotting it out as if it never happened.  We talked about the spiritual truth that when you release an offense from your mind that it no longer exists as a memory and therefore it never happened,  I have already forgiven all offenses so there is no record in heaven of sins or trespasses happening.  In the crucifixion of Jesus they became white as snow, completely obliterated in My mind. (I John 2:1-2; Isaiah 1:18-19) Sins and trespasses only exist in the minds of people and so they need to be released, forgiven, and blotted out in your mind.  When you obliterate them, there is no record of them in the earth just as there is no record of them in My heaven. Then satan, who loves to remind My children of their mistakes, can no longer torment them with guilt and condemnation, which are his most powerful demons of accusation.
     When the devil reminds you of your sins and trespasses or the sins and trespasses of others, you need to remind him with one word that they did not happen in your mind or My mind.  That word is powerful, it is the declaration power of, "Forgiven."  Speak loudly to any accusation that enters into your mind of any offense done against you or an offense that you have done, speak the declaration of, "Forgiven."  It is canceled out, nonexistent, and the accuser devil needs to be reminded that I have blotted it out and you have blotted it out. (Revelation 12:10-11) He is a liar.  He wants to resurrect a sin or trespass in your mind so that he can torment you with it.
    Jesus gave My children even more power to forgive when My Holy Spirit comes to live in them because My Spirit is the Spirit of Truth who reveals the forgiveness that Jesus purchased for the whole world.  Jesus, by the power of My Spirit, reminded My children that whose sins you forgive are nonexistent and whose sins you retain are still in existence. Refusing to forgive everyone hands to satan the authority to torment you and the offender.  (John 20-21-23) That is not My will for My children, to give their enemy arsenal with which to defeat them.
     All sins came upon Jesus when He was on the cross.  He bore them for you and for all My children.  If you refuse to forgive, you are making His crucifixion and resurrection of no effect.  My Spirit can lead you to refuse the temptation of satan to resurrect the sins of others in your mind. 
     Celebrate the obliteration of all sins by Jesus when someone offends you.  Celebrate that Jesus died for that offense and change your reaction to every offense.  Do what Jesus coached you to do, love your enemies, do good to them, pray for them and then you will be identified as a child of Mine, your Father in heaven.
     Your Forgiving Father

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