Tuesday, July 21, 2015

100 FOLD, 60 FOLD, 30 FOLD

100 FOLD, 60 FOLD, 30 FOLD
Dear One,
    We talked about My valuable words and how they bring blessings to you. My blessings always accompany My words.  Faith comes by hearing My personal words to you which explode in you and produce the power in you to follow My advice.  So the ground upon which My words fall are the determining factor relating to your fully inheriting My blessings since My blessings always accompany My words. (Matthew 13:18-23)
    We also talked about the ground or the hearts of My children who hear My admonitions but the thorns and thistles that are still in the attitudes of My children grow and choke out the words that I speak to them.  There are no blessings which are inherited by those children because the bad attitudes and actions which were present in their minds blocked My truths from doing their good missions.  The problem is not from My heaven, it is from the minds of My children who allow the evil one to deposit judgmental, condemning, jealous, envious, licentious, divisive, strife-filled thoughts in their minds.  Then My children nourish them by capitalizing on those thoughts until they become attitudes and actions which block My blessings from entering into their lives.
     Jesus said that there is good ground, or hungry hearts, in some of My children which produce yields of 30, 60 or 100 fold.  I want you to inherit 100% of My blessings. You want to inherit 100% of My blessings.  What is the key to  My kingdom which produces the complete and full answer to prayers?  Jesus taught that, too.  He went on to teach that My kingdom is like a grain of mustard seed which is planted in the heart of a person.  It is watered and cared for until it grows into a shrub and then, if continually watered and fertilized and cared for, it grows into a tree and My angels come and live in it, delivering constant blessings.   There are no thorns or thistles on the mustard plant.  Some of My children stop watering and fertilizing and learning more from Me when the words they hear have only grow into a small shrub.  They are satisfied with less than I promised to them. Often they are only satisfied with being born of My Spirit, refusing the instructions of Jesus to be baptized in My Spirit which brings My power into their lives. They are the ones with 30% yield. (Matthew 13:31-32)
     My children who inherit only 60% of their inheritance from me are the ones who become born of My Spirit, baptized in My Spirit, but they stop there without letting My Holy Spirit do His work of sanctification in their lives, meaning they don't allow Me to clean house in their thoughts, attitudes and actions, ridding their minds of the poisonous thoughts, attitudes and actions which work against them because those are evil thoughts which are sown in the minds of My children by the father of evil.  Those children of Mine never receive their full inheritance because of their reluctance in letting My Holy Spirit cleanse their entire beings, body, soul and spirit.  Jesus taught about the full yield when he said My kingdom is like the woman who takes My leaven, which are My words, and places them into her whole being, body, soul and spirit, allowing My words to become flesh in her until she becomes My image in the earth.  (Matthew 13:33)
     My children who inherit 100% of their inheritance from Me are the ones who are born of my Spirit, baptized in My Spirit, then allow Him to rid them of all the previous and current poisonous thoughts, attitudes and actions which are indicative of the personality of the devil, their enemy.  They allow Me to cleanse their entire beings, which are My temples in the earth, of all of the degradation that was put there by the evil one.  That degradation works against them and they know it and are eager to rid their bodies, souls and spirits of the evil which cursed them in the past.  They make no excuses for their behavior because they know Me and want to be just like Me.  Paul said that his divine purpose was to intimately know Me until he was transformed into My image in the earth.  The opinions of men meant nothing to him.  The erroneous teachings of some men did not measure up to his revelation of Me and so he rejected those falsehoods.  He knew My love and prayed that My Spirit would reveal My love to My children. (Ephesians 3:14-20)  He knew My power and prayed that My Spirit would reveal the complete revelation of My power to My children. (Ephesians 1; 15-22) He knew that the only teacher is My Spirit because he depended upon My Spirit for all of his knowledge of Me.  He took the promise of Jesus to heart when Jesus said that My Spirit is the tutor who reveals all wisdom, truth and knowledge to My children when He lives in them. (II Corinthians 3: 17-18)
    When My children allow My Spirit to do His housecleaning duties in them, then they will find themselves receiving 100% of their inheritance.  Seeking riches, properties, status, religious or political gain will not bring the 100% yield from My kingdom.  Seeking My kingdom and My righteousness will cause the avenues of your life to stay clear so that My 100% yield of blessings is guaranteed.  I promised it.  I said if you will seek me with your WHOLE heart that everything I have will be added to you.
     If you are satisfied with 30% or 60% yield, that is your choice.  I still love you with My whole heart.  A few things in your life will improve but there will still be problems that have to be endured.  If you decide to seek Me and continue seeking Me with your whole heart, you will find that 100% of My inheritance to you will flood into your life. (Matthew 13:44-46)
     Your Blessings Producing Father  

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