Sunday, July 26, 2015


Dear One,
   John, the apostle, had a full revelation of My love for all of My children.  In fact, when he walked with Jesus he wrote that he was the person that Jesus loved so much.  (John 13:23) Because he felt engulfed in My love for him through Jesus, he thought he was my favorite child.  He was.  You are.  Every person in the earth is My favorite child because I am love and love pours out indiscriminately upon all of mankind. 
   He also had a full revelation of My being the Light of the world.  In fact, he wrote that the message that Jesus brought to the world is that I am Light and in Me there is no darkness to be found.  (I John 1:5-7) He said that there is darkness in everyone, but that My Spirit reveals the darkness and brings it to My light, completely dispensing the darkness. 
    You live in a world ruled by the spirit of darkness, the devil, and you become influenced to also become either temporarily dark or permanently dark again every minute of the day through your thoughts.  But My Holy Spirit wrote through John that the good news is that My light overcomes all darkness.  He said that the Light of the good news is that Jesus is also the Light and those who fellowship with Him will be cleansed of all darkness because that's what We do, We clean the vessels of our temples which are your bodies.  We do it because We know that darkness wants to rob you of all of your blessings which make your life happy and prosperous spiritually, emotionally and physically. That is what darkness does, it robs, kills and destroys.  Jesus said that He came to the earth that My children would have life and have it more than abundantly. (John 10:10)  More than abundantly is a lot of blessings.
    My Holy Spirit wrote through John that if you will walk in the Light as Jesus is in the Light, you will have fellowship with Us and We will have fellowship with you.  He said that My Spirit will cleanse you of all unrighteousness so that you will be able to receive your full inheritance that is already set aside for you because you are My child.  It's like the prodigal son who left his father's family and joined with men of darkness.  When he ended up eating pig sloth with pigs, he returned to his father and received his full inheritance again.  
   So the mission of My Spirit is to alert you to the thoughts of darkness which will lead you away from My Light and plunge you into darkness.  They may be thoughts of anger, hatred, envy, vengeance, jealousy, poor me thoughts, selfishness, on and on.  He illuminates any thoughts that suck you out of the Light of My good news that My light will overcome all darkness and return you to the benefits of My favor.  He illuminates them and then, if you are willing, He will overcome those negative thoughts and replace them with My words which will deliver you from the hell of negativity and darkness. (I John 1:8-10) 
    I grieve when you are deceived into being bitter, strife-filled, argumentative, angry, spewing more negativity and hatred into a dark world.   I grieve because I know that you are joining the family of your biggest enemy and that you will eventually be eating his slop, crawling on the ground with him in defeat.  However, I am always waiting to return you to My family of Light, eager and willing to restore your complete inheritance to you.  Believe Me when I tell you that the father of darkness is determined to destroy you and it always begins with one thought of darkness which, if entertained for very long, will have you eventually eating the slop of darkness instead of eating the good of My family.
    Walk in My Light and you will not fulfill the lusts of the family of evil. (Galatians 5:16-26) My Light illuminates those elements of darkness, identifies those elements of darkness, and then overcomes those elements of darkness in your thoughts, attitudes and actions if you are willing to give up the dark thoughts.  I don't condemn you for them.  I know their origin.  I rescue you from the curses that they bring to your life when you return to My Light.
   Walking in My light means that you have chosen My blessings.  Walking in darkness means that you have chosen curses. (James 3:10)
    Walk in My light and My blessings will overtake you.
    Your Blessing Giving Father   

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