Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Dear One,
   Under My old covenant with a nation, the only guidance they had from Me was through the prophets who related My wisdom to the people  They did not have the power to be obedient to My guidance so they were constantly being punished by the devil for the seeds they sowed into his kingdom of evil.  I managed to identify the works of the devil for them through prophets in an effort to give guidance to the people on how to avoid evil actions. (Numbers 12:6) When they didn't follow My guidance I provided a way for them to be relieved of the guilt and condemnation of their wrongdoings and that was their sacrifices which actually put the demonic motivations onto a pure animal which was sacrificed for their sins they did in obedience to satan, and they were free from the inclination to do that particular evil for a time.
     When the real sacrifice came to earth, My Lamb Jesus, He took upon Himself all the sins of the whole world, that being every demon whom satan had unleashed in the earth when Adam gave him permission to enter the earth. (John 1:29) Jesus paid the price that satan demanded from My children, which was their destruction and death. The devil requires that of the people who follow him because he is the father of death and destruction. So Jesus has paid the price for the sins of the whole world and there is no more requirement of punishment.
     The good news does not end there.  After the resurrection of Jesus, We sent into the earth My same Holy Spirit which empowered Jesus to do good in His ministry and raised Him from the dead to come back to live with me in My spiritual dimension, heaven.  The powers within My Holy Spirit are many and varied.  They are, first of all, guidance.  He leads and guides My children with My power, leading them away from evil actions into righteous actions, from hate motivations to love motivations, from falsehood into all truth, from making foolish decisions into making wise decisions, from choosing good over evil every time a decision presents itself.  So with My Holy Spirit inside of My children, My guidance takes the place of the punishment that was rampant under the old covenant with a nation. (John 16:13-14) That punishment from satan under the old covenant was in effect because people were still under the constant influence of the father of evil. He is the punisher.
     Under My new covenant, which is called the good news of being saved from evil works, all good and perfect gifts are available to My children when they are led by My Spirit away from evil.  (James 1:17) The payment for mistakes and misdeeds was instituted by Jesus, and then I sent My Own Spirit into the lives of people, at their invitation, to restore the Father/child relationship that was present at the beginning when Adam and I walked and talked and enjoyed each other before Adam  opened the door for evil to enter. 
    With My Holy Spirit in the lives of My children they are no longer under the curses of the old covenant but they are under the blessings of My new covenant with them when each one becomes My privileged child because of My life source, My Spirit, being in them.  Punishment of satan is no longer invited into their lives by their choices because they refuse to do the works of evil in the earth.  Only My guidance and My wonderful gifts are evident in their lives because of their choices to do the good works of love in the earth. (Luke 12:32)
     Hatred, anger and punishment do not come from Me.  They come from the family of evil, satan's family. (Galatians 5:16-25) Only love, blessings and happiness come from a relationship with Me.  They come from accepting the guidance and wisdom from My Holy Spirit who does not dole out punishment like satan does.  My Spirit is the distributor of good physical, mental and spiritual gifts to My children.  He is My personal tutor whom I send into the lives of My children to lead them into the paths of righteousness and beside the still waters of rest. (Psalm 23:
   Good parents do not wait for their children to disobey them so they can dole out punishment.  Good parents provide wise guidance to their children so that they can avoid the evil trapping of the devil. 
    Listen to My words of guidance from My Holy Spirit and you will enjoy the pleasures of My gifts to you.
     Your Loving, Guiding Father           

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