Saturday, July 18, 2015


Dear One,
    You are made in My image with My creative abilities in your words.  You create heaven on earth or you create hell on earth.  Whichever you sow into the earth with your words, either heaven or hell, you will inherit as you live in the earth.  Jesus made it clear when He said that by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned.  When your words come from My family of righteousness and goodness, then you summon into your life My good blessings.  When your words come from the evil family of condemnation, then you summon into your life the devil's curses of destruction. (Matthew 12:34-37)
    I created your world with My words.  You create your physical, emotional and spiritual world with your words.  If they are negative, then you summon into your life such events which will be negative, cursing you.  If your words are positive, then you summon into your life events which will be positive, blessing you. By your words you are declared righteous and by your words you are declared condemned. 
    Paul received the truth relating to the power of words when he wrote to all of My children to never let any words proceed from your mouth that does not edify the hearer and bring grace to others. (Ephesians 4:29-32)  He was emphatic when he told you to put away from yourself all bitterness, wrath, evil speaking, anger and clamor. He instructed you to be kind, tenderhearted and forgiving as Christ has forgiven you. 
    Remember that forgiveness means that you have blotted out any offense and it no longer exists.  Bitterness, wrath, evil speaking, anger and clamor invite into your life demons from hell whose mission is to destroy you.  You have participated in your own destruction when you become involved in disputes, arguments, angry dissertations and evil speaking.  People often die as a result of their evil dissertations of blaming, cursing and participating in angry arguments.
   I love to bless you.  It is My greatest pleasure to bless you with every good thing.  (Luke 12:32) However, I cannot bless you when you, yourself, are joining with your enemy, the devil, in cursing My other children with your tongue.  I cannot override the venom that proceeds from your mouth and I cannot change into blessings the curses that you ordered with your own mouth.  I gave you free will to choose whom you will serve.  You can't be My child and a child of evil at the same time. (Matthew 6:22-24)
    Jesus was especially emphatic about how you treat people.  He said that what you do to the least of My children you do to Me.  I live in them and what you do to them you do to Me. (Matthew 18:5-11; Matthew 25:40-46) 
     My Dear Child, you either invite heaven into your life by your kind, loving  words or you invite hell into your life by your unkind, injurious words.  James wrote an entire letter to you about the power of your tongue.  He said that you give power to hell with negative words which are set aflame by hell itself.  (James 3 and 4)
     My blessings are poured upon all of My children, but those of My children who tame their tongues are the ones who receive My blessings because they have not given permission by their words to evil spirits to block their blessings.  (Isaiah 59:1-4)
     I said I do not want you to be deceived, but  out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  (Matthew 12:34)  You must discern the political, social and religious negative words which come out of the mouths of people.  If you receive the negative ones into your mind, you will eventually speak them and be condemned by your own words. 
    Whose words are important to you, My words or the words of your politicians and religious leaders?  Very often they sow words from hell and teach you to sow to your own destruction.  I said woe to them.  Make sure you do not participate in their woes.  (Matthew 18-19; Matthew 23:12-15)  When you bind yourself to them through believing in their words of hatred and division, you inherit their woes.  I grieve when you do.  (Ephesians 4:29-32)
    The words of My Holy Spirit will always edify and build up.  Choose My words and live the abundant life.
     Your Loving Father

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