Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Dear One,
    The past is the past and there are many things in the past that My children do not want to reoccur in the present or the future.  That is why forgiveness is so important.  Forgiving means to release, to blot out, to obliterate as if it never happened, just like I forgive your sins. 
   Remember that the prophet Isaiah prophesied that the time would come when the complete sacrifice would be made and all the sins of the world would be blotted out.  He said that even the worse ones, the ones that were scarlet, they would be white as snow; and the ones that were crimson, they would be as wool, white as the coat on a sheep. (Isaiah 1:18)  That was a picture of My forgiveness, My ability to blot out the sins of everyone.  My desire is that the past will not curse the present and the future of My children by their resurrecting the sins of others into their minds again and again.  By refusing to forgive, the same evil spirits that caused the physical, emotional or spiritual injury in the past will have the power to repeat their work in the present or the future. 
    The secret of forgiveness is that after you forgive a person you will treat the combative incident as if it never happened. In doing that, you refuse to allow the evil from the past to reoccur in your present or future by your own willingness to  resurrect the past incident in your mind.  If you do fall for the trick of the devil when he brings bad incidents from your past into your memory, you breathe life into the evil spirits who caused the injurious incident in the past.  You give them permission to repeat their curses in your present or your future because you have resurrected them, giving life to them again.  Think of it as a dead incident being like a flat balloon with no air in it.  It can't bounce, it can't be tossed about, it has no air in it, therefore no action.  But when a person puts his air into it, it has the ability to become active. 
   It's the same way with forgiveness.  When you forgive a person from your heart, you suck the air of life from the demons who caused a problem, rendering them powerless to hurt you again.   But if you fall for the trick of the devil and allow your thoughts to dwell on the old problem, you breathe life and activity into the demons from the previous problem, resurrecting them and giving power to them again. 
    The way it works is that the devil tempts you with a problem from the past, you dwell on the personal hurt caused by it and you continue to think about it, each time giving life to the demonic spirits who caused the incident in the first place.  Pretty soon, there is enough resurrection life in the bad spirits provided by your thoughts and attitudes about the past incident, and you give permission to the bad spirits to curse you and your family again through someone else. 
    That is why I said to forgive from your heart, not merely from your head.   When you forgive from your heart you are able to say to the thoughts about bad incidents which come into your mind from hell, "Non existent.  Never happened." You are able to proclaim them as forgiven. dead, having never occurred, blotted out.  Then the evil tempter has to leave you because you have not fallen for his trick to tempt you to resurrect the past in your thoughts so that he can bring more evil against you. (James 4:7-8)
    The only thoughts from the past that need to be resurrected in your mind are the thoughts about the resurrection of My Son Jesus who died for your sins and the sins of the people who verbally, emotionally or physically injure you.  Thoughts about the resurrection of Jesus will benefit you by allowing My Holy Spirit to teach you about the effective way that I orchestrated the forgiveness of  the sins of the whole world.  (John 1:29; I Timothy 1:12-17)
    Don't be condemned if you temporarily allow the tempting thoughts of the devil to resurrect the past in your mind.  When you realize that you are cooperating in cursing your own life you will turn from the judgmental, evil thoughts about past events and you will declare the obliteration of the past event from My mind and you will refuse to resurrect the past in your mind and curse your future. You will tell the evil thoughts to go to hell where they belong.  You will refuse to resurrect the past curses and give them power over your present life and future life.
     Forgiving is powerful.  It orchestrates your present and your future.
     Your Forgiving Father

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