Monday, July 6, 2015


Dear One,
     When Jesus was coaching His followers on how to pray, He was specific on many points; those being that I am the Father of all mankind, that My kingdom can come on earth as it is in heaven, that I will give daily spiritual guidance and encouragement to my children, that My forgiveness is easily attained when people forgive others, that I do not lead My children into temptation but I deliver them from evil.  Then He declared His confidence in Me when He taught them that My kingdom, My power and My glory are what does all of the things for which He prayed. He was speaking confidence in My kingdom, My power and My glory.  (Matthew 6:9-13) Remember that Jesus had not been crucified and had not ascended into heaven yet, so My authority in the earth was only resident in Him. 
      My words came from your mouth long ago when I proclaimed, " You say that Mine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, but I say to you that thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory in the earth."  Your human mind wanted to reject that assurance from Me, but you knew that you would never speak that from your own will, that it had to have come from Me. 
      When you began to research My Instruction Book, you saw that My words to you were true, that I had given My kingdom to My children when I sent My Holy Spirit into them. You had received My Spirit so you had My kingdom in you.  You saw that Jesus, Himself, told His followers  to ask for My power to be evident in their lives, which you had already done.  You had received My power.  You knew that the angelic hosts and the cloud of witnesses accompany My Spirit, so My glory surrounds you in the spiritual dimension.  With those realizations, you knew that My words to you and to all My children were true, that I have given you My kingdom, My power and My glory in the earth in the person of My Holy Spirit.
     We share together in My kingdom because you are My child, born of My Spirit.  We share together My power because you are My child, born of My Spirit.  We share together My glory because you are My child, born of My Spirit.  When you are led by My Spirit, you are identified as My child and everything I have is yours.(Romans 8:14-17)
     Everything that Jesus told My children to pray as a sample prayer has come into reality to those who seek Me because they find Me, and My kingdom becomes theirs.  (Matthew 6:33)
      You marvel that My kingdom, My power and My glory can be yours.  My desire is that you enjoy the benefits that come to you because of being My child. When you are One with Me, everything I have is yours.  (Luke 12:32)
      Pay heed to the sample prayer of Jesus.  He knew everything about which He taught and declared.  My Spirit wants to enlarge your understanding of what you have as your inheritance.  (John 16:13-15) He speaks to you what I tell Him to speak.  They are always My encouraging, loving words. 
      Everything I have is yours. My peace is yours.  My love is yours.  My joy is yours.  My goodness is yours.  My kindness is yours.  My faith is yours.  My mercy is yours.  My patience is yours.  My power is yours.  My kingdom is yours.  My glory is yours.  You are My child.
      Your Loving Father    

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