Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Dear One,
    Love attracts love, joy attracts joy, peace attracts joy but woes also attract woes.  Jesus taught about the people who sow seeds in the earth that produce situations that bring woes into the lives of themselves and others. He said that they would have woes in their lives because of the seeds they have sown in their garden of life.  He was teaching a principle of My kingdom, that sowing woes will cause themselves to have woes in their own lives.  It's the extension of the principle that He always taught of doing to others as you would have them do to you.  The woe seeds that people sow into the lives of others will produce woes in their own lives.  That is why My new covenant prophets wrote so extensively about your actions toward others, because I inspired them to reiterate again and again that what you do to others will always be returned to you.  The attitudes and actions that you sow in the gardens of life of your family, friends, acquaintances, everyone, will be returned to you pressed down, shaken together shall men give back into your life. (Mark 6:37-39; Matthew 7:1-3)
      There is no instruction from Jesus or any of My new covenant prophets that says for you to avenge yourself in thought, word or deed.  There are multiple instructions for you to return good for evil done to you and for you to let me avenge you.   I will lead your enemies to be at peace with you, but only if you keep peace with them.  You cannot continue being in conflict with someone and expect Me to bring peace to a situation. You cannot continue sowing strife in the lives of your family and expect Me to bless you with the blessings of My kingdom, because in sowing strife you have given the strife demons from hell permission to multiply their actions in your life.  In that situation you inherit the woes that you sowed into your earthly garden. 
    We talked about allowing My Spirit to do the housecleaning in His temple, which is your body.  We talked about His desire to cast out the old troublesome habits which cursed you and how He teaches you to take on My character of love for all people.  Jesus talked about the woes of hypocrisy of continuing in the thoughts, attitudes and actions of the old man while trying to have faith for something that is reserved for the new man.  He labeled the people who do that as hypocrites.  He said that the people who do religious deeds but have not allowed My Spirit to clean their inside thoughts and attitudes become as hypocrites. (Matthew 23:25-26)  Cleaning the cup and platter in that teaching represents the character upon which you present attitudes and actions to others. 
    When My children retain the character of their old lord, the devil, they sow strife, conflict, condemnation, judgment, jealousy and division in their gardens of life.  Then when those seeds grow the same plants which eventually invade their own lives, they come to Me to reverse those curses.  I am not able to help unless they seek Me for My instructions on what got them into the cursed situation in the beginning.  They cannot play on both teams, the devil's team and My team.  They cannot be competitive, belligerent, verbally abusive and accusatory of others and expect Me to cure their diseases and their difficult situations.  They cannot serve satan and Me at the same time.  (Matthew 23:27-33)
    I said to the people of My old covenant that often I would have gathered them together like the hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but they would not come to Me. The refusal of My children today to cleanse their bodily temples of the thoughts, attitudes and actions of their previous lord, the devil, has separated them from My blessings which I have already given to them.  It grieves Me that I am not able to save them from the calamities that they experience.  I desire to rescue them, but their determination to put their new wine into old wine skins has cursed them.  (Romans 3:13-17; Ephesians 4:29-32)
     The woes of the devil are readily available to all of My children.  All they have to do is portray his personality in the earth and they will inherit his woes.  You have often heard it said, "Woe is me," by others and said it yourself.  Find out what door you opened to the devil's woes. My Spirit is eager to reveal it to you.  Then if you will take on My character and personality, you will have no more woes.  You will live in the presence of My peace, love, goodness and kindness.
     I want you to have My blessings instead of the woes of the evil one.  I gave you free will to choose which ones you want to inherit in your life.  My love for you never ends, but the choices of your thoughts, attitudes and actions determine whether you walk in blessings or curses.   My love encompasses you even if you choose curses, but I grieve for you that you have chosen woes instead of My blessings.   
     Your Loving, Blessing Father   

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