Thursday, July 23, 2015


Dear One,
    My children are blessed when their iniquities are forgiven and their sins are covered with My love.  I proclaimed that truth through David, through Jesus and eventually through Paul.  (Romans 4:6-6) Jesus took it even further in His explanation when He said when He cast out a demon from someone with the power of My Holy Spirit that My Kingdom comes upon that person. (Luke 11:20) Since all of My blessings come from My kingdom being in the life of a person, those blessings flood into his or her life as the demons are released.
    I even said through David that love covers all sins.  That means that they are blotted out, nonexistent and obliterated.  When you forgive someone, that offense never happened in My mind and it should never happen again in your mind.  It stays forgiven, gone, and so does your part in the sin, except when you resurrect it again in your mind. You need to resurrect the works of Jesus in your mind, the resurrection of forgiveness, instead of resurrecting the sins of others and yourself in your mind.  Resurrect the truth that Jesus Christ took upon Himself all of the sins of the world when He died on the cross.  He became the Lamb who bore the sins of My people.  He satisfied the judgment of satan whose object of enticing people to sin is to kill them and destroy all that they have.  When Jesus became the payment for the sins of the whole world, then the necessity for suffering for sins and iniquities was over. Jesus died for every sin, iniquity, transgression and mistake anyone in the world had ever committed and will ever commit. (I John 2:2) 
    You were executed on the cross with Jesus for any offense against anyone that you have ever done and will ever do.  Every person who has ever lived was executed on the cross with Jesus for every offense against anyone.  So the verdict of the heavenly jury is no longer "guilty" but it is "not guilty" when the devil condemns you or condemns in your mind someone who perpetrated evil against you.  You are free and everyone who ever hurt you is free from guilt and condemnation unless you resurrect the offenses in your mind.
     So you must understand the truth that a person is blessed when iniquities are forgiven and when sins are covered with My love.  When there is no condemnation of sin, that being no condemnation in your mind of your sins or the sins of anyone else, then My blessings flood into your life.  "Forgiven" and "Not Guilty" should be your immediate response to any accusation of wrongdoing relating to you or anyone else.  There is no condemnation for anyone who is in Christ Jesus, who does not impute sins to anyone.  (Romans 8:1-2) There are no curses for anyone who is in Christ Jesus, who does not impute offenses to anyone.  There is liberty and freedom for everyone who accepts fully the sacrifice of Jesus for himself or herself and for everyone else in the world. (Romans 4:8)
    The only thoughts of condemnation of anyone in your mind are put there by the father of evil.  The devil can't stand that everyone is free and forgiven, so he still works to condemn people to reinstate his curses in their lives. Let your response to any temptation to condemn anyone in your mind be, "Forgiven.  Not Guilty.  It Never Happened!"
    Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  Blessings follow forgiveness.
    Your Forgiving Father

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