Monday, July 27, 2015


Dear One,
    You were born into a world of both Light and darkness. My Light is constantly pursuing you in an effort to bring you into My Light so that you will be blessed abundantly.  The spirit of darkness is constantly tempting you in an effort to bring you into his darkness so that your life will be cursed.  Both spiritual families work by putting our words and images into your thoughts.  Many of your cartoonists have that truth because they show people with an angel whispering in one ear and a demon whispering in the other ear at all times.  Their depictions are accurate.  There is a constant battle between good and evil.  I want to save you from destruction and the devil wants to destroy you. 
    When you fall for the snare of negative thoughts by believing that they are your own thoughts, your life will not immediately be cursed.  Your enemy is not that stupid to immediately show his hand in obviously cursing you.  The strategy is that he changes your thoughts into more bad thoughts, which produce attitudes which have negative energy flowing from you, and then your actions are such that you sow bad seeds into his garden of destruction. (Galatians 5:19-21) You  receive his curses back into your life and you never relate them to the original bad thoughts.  Your health is affected negatively, your relationships are affected negatively, your self worth is affected negatively, your love becomes hate and your life becomes a series of unfortunate events.  You never relate them to your yielding to the devil's negative thoughts. 
    I have told My children in the past that you will stay in perfect peace if your mind is fixated on Me and My thoughts of love, mercy, joy, kindness, goodness, patience, faithfulness and self control.  (Galatians 5:22-24) When you choose My thoughts of love and peace, you find yourself having attitudes which cause positive energy to flow from you, and then your actions are such that you sow good seeds into My garden of blessings. (Isaiah 26:3-4) I love you and I am constantly counteracting any negative thoughts from the kingdom of darkness with My positive thoughts of love in your mind.  The cartoonists' depictions are perfect examples of the battle for your body, soul and spirit between the forces of My goodness and the forces of the devil's destruction.  It is really so simple.
    My Light always overcomes darkness.  That is why I am referred to as Light. Light is insight, understanding, enlightenment, revelation.  Light leads the way to happiness. I am the Light of the world.  When My children are established in My love and My peace, they become the Lights of the world.  (Matthew 5:14-16)
    Jesus cautioned My children to be careful lest the Light in them become darkness.  (Matthew 11:34-36)  You can entertain a negative thought for a while, build more darkness onto that seed of darkness, and eventually your whole life will be full of darkness.  You hear negative comments by a family member, a friend, a religious leader or a political leader.  If you believe that negative report, thinking on it for a long time, eventually your whole being is in darkness again.  You lose your hope and your faith. Your life becomes cursed in all areas because you joined with the family of darkness.  The devil will use people closest to you to poison your mind with his toxic words of prejudice, opposition, strife, division, anger, hatred, and other words which rob you of My peace and My love for all creation.  I gave you free will to choose with whom you will join in unity, hoping that you will choose My ways and live the abundant life.
    I covered everything in My Instruction Book to My children.  My Holy Spirit is the tutor who leads you into all truth.  Listen to His admonitions and words of loving insight and you will have an abundance of blessings.  Listen to the words and believe the images put in your mind by the father of destruction and you will eventually be destroyed.  The good news is that I am constantly bidding you to return to Me so that you will receive My abundance of  blessings again. 
    My Spirit leads you by the still waters of peace and the green pastures of restful love.  Believe His words, follow them, and live the abundant life.
    Do not be snared by thoughts of negativity.  If your thoughts are not thoughts of love, they are not from Me.  You can capture negative thoughts immediately and cast them out of your mind. Replace them with My positive, loving thoughts for everyone.  Weigh every thought on the scale of love.  If a thought does not balance with love, then it is not from Me.  Cast it out from your mind.
    Your Loving Father 

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