Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Dear One,
    We talked about that when Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He shook the religious traditions of the day.  He began by addressing Me as Our Father.  Then He proclaimed that the name of Heavenly Father was set apart for Me only.  That is what "hallowed" mean, to set apart for Me, to be respected far above all other names that I am called.  (Matthew 6:9)  Jesus said to call no earthly being your father because I am your Father.  Again He was saying to set apart that name for Me.  (Matthew 23:9)
    To call me "Father" was outside of the understanding of My children at that time because of their religious beliefs that I am a king instead of being a Father.  Certainly, addressing Me as their Father was a term of familiarity and closeness, one that is personal and endearing. That was the first declaration of Jesus that I am the Father of all mankind.  That day brought great joy to Me because I had wanted to be known as the Father of all from the beginning of the earth.  My desire had always been to be known as approachable and forever available to My children rather than distant and unobtainable.  It is as if Jesus introduced My children to Me as the Father I really am for the first time.  He was saying, "Meet  your Father, your provider, your protector, your guide, your assurance of peace, your tutor, your healer, your counselor, your constant companion.  Yes, He is your Father.  When you come to Him in prayer you should address Him as who He is, your Father. " 
     I had tried to get the revelation of my Fatherhood into the minds of My children from the beginning.  I declared that I was their provider at one time. (Genesis 22:14) Then I proved Myself by providing for them.  I declared another time that I was their protector.  Then I protected them from their enemies. (Exodus 17:15) One time I declared to them that I was their peace.  (Judge 6:24)  Then I gave them peace.  Another time I declared that I was their healer and I healed their diseases and told them through laws how to stay healed. (Genesis 15:26)  Later I told them that I was their guide in the wilderness and I guided them by a cloud by day and a fire by night.(Exodus 13:24)  I declared that I was their counselor by giving them laws, precepts, testimonies, statues, commandments, ordinances and revelations which would make their lives heaven on earth if they would follow My words of guidance.(Psalm 19:7-14)   That is what a good Father does.  He guides his children by his words, his examples, his teachings and his companionship.  Those attributes show My personal attention to and interest in the lives of all of My children. (Deuteronomy 28:1-14)
    A good father tells his children to listen to his guidance and they will stay out of trouble.  I teach My children how to avoid the evil being, satan, who wants to tempt them and curse their lives. 
    My Son Jesus declared My Fatherhood to My children, My desire for a close and personal relationship which would result in one-on-one teaching, guidance, protection and provision.  Good fathers love their children. They want the best things for their children.  I am the Good Father.  It is My pleasure to give you everything necessary for a glorious life while you are in the earth and then in My heaven.
    Jesus said it so explicitly when He said, "It is the Father's good pleasure to give you His kingdom."  (Luke 12:32)
    Peter mirrored that declaration by Jesus when he said that I have given everything necessary for life and godliness through My divine power, who is My Holy Spirit. (II Peter 1:2-3)
    Seek to intimately know Me by spending time with Me and with the revelation of My personality given to you by others who know Me.  I will enlarge your understanding of our Father/child relationship.  We will walk and talk like Adam and I did in the beginning of the earth.  That is My desire, that you and I are One, Father to child and child to Father, as Jesus prayed. (John 17:20-23)
    That is My desire.  Please make it your desire.  Paul did and he said that his deepest desire was to know Me, to become intimately acquainted with Me.  He did and he wrote most of the revelation of My covenant of love.
    Your Loving, Kind and Good Father, your Heavenly PaPa  

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