Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Dear One,
    When asked by his disciples to teach them to pray, Jesus shocked everyone within listening range when He instructed his disciples how to pray by addressing Me as Father. That was blasphemy in the eyes of their religious leaders.  Their habitual prayers addressed Me as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God of King David, or Jehovah or other royal terms.  To address Me in a personal Father/child way was unfamiliar and improper to them.  Yet Jesus taught My children to address Me as Father in Heaven.  He angered the Pharisees and the Sadducees who were religious leaders and only knew Me as Holy God, one who was unapproachable, unavailable, a cruel king, a vengeful judge and one who readily exacts punishment upon people.  They taught their followers the same lies about Me.  They didn't know Me.
    Yet Jesus, My Son whom I sent to earth, taught people in the earth to approach Me in prayer as their Father.  (Matthew 6:9) Good fathers are always approachable, always available, always loving, always forgiving, always extending their blessings and inheritance upon their children.  Jesus opened the spiritual eyes of My children when He identified Me to them as their Father.  He even told them to include everyone in addressing Me in the familiar term when He instructed them to approach Me as Our Father, meaning the Father of everyone.  He wanted everyone to know that I am a nourishing heavenly Father who provides for My children just like a loving father, not as a weak, cruel king, which was their experiences with their own kings.
    When Jesus taught them to address Me as Our Father it was inflammatory to traditional religious leaders because it insinuated that I am a personal Father rather than a distant king.  I am a powerful spiritual king of the heavens, but I am a loving Father to My human children whom I created in My image. Kings don't create people.  Only a father can create people.  Only a father has the sperm by which women are impregnated.  My Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and created Jesus.  That is why He knew Me as His Father. 
    When Jesus was with Me in heaven before I sent him to earth, He knew Me as the loving King of the Universe also because of My power in the heavens.  Yet to My earthly children He revealed Me as His Father and their Father.  That is why His name for Me of Father angered the religious priests who were only allowed to approach Me in the Holy of Holies of their temples.  Common people could not approach Me.  They had to stay in the outer courts.  It was blasphemy to the religious leaders that Jesus was teaching commoners to approach Me and address Me as their Father. 
    People who have good, kind, merciful and loving fathers have no problem in knowing Me as a loving, merciful, generous, forgiving Father.  Think about your own grandchild when she asked you what I am like and you told her that I am the most loving, kind, generous, gracious, forgiving, merciful Father anyone could ever have.  Because of the loving characteristics of her grandfather, the light dawned on her and she said so innocently, "Oh, just like PopPop."  It was easy for her to relate to Me as a loving Father because she had experienced unconditional love from a person known as her "grand-father."  How fortunate she is to know that image of My character through a human person. (I John 3:1-2)
    So you can imagine the anger that rose up in the religious leaders when Jesus instructed My children to approach Me in such a familiar term, calling Me Father in Heaven.  Their other religious traditions were in danger of being in error, also, if this first introduction to Me by Jesus to My other children was correct, that they identify Me and address Me as their Father.  The foundations of religious leaders were shaken at that moment.  That was only the beginning of the fall of their religious practices and beliefs. 
     You can know Me as your good and perfect Father, the Father of Love for all of my children and all of My creation.  You experienced the same religious opposition when you were first baptized with my Holy Spirit.  Because you referred to Me in personal terms you were chided by your religious priest for being too familiar with Me.  He told you that My name was too holy to even be spoken. I said through your mouth to that leader, "And that is why Jesus had to come to earth, to reveal the true nature of Our Father."  As you remember, you heard that truth for the first time as it came out of your mouth, just as the priest did, and you were astounded.  That truth entered the man's mind and spirit and cut through any religious lies that had been taught to him, the lie that I am unapproachable. His reaction to My words spoken through your mouth were, "I guess you are right." (Romans 8:38-39)
     So there are still religious leaders and people today who do not know Me as their loving Father.  My children are blessed when they know Me as their Father of love. 
     Live your life as My loving child, and then My image to others will be as a loving Father because that is who I AM. (Romans 5:5-8)
     Sincerely, Love   (I John 4:7-8)    

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