Saturday, June 13, 2015


Dear One,
     When Jesus was ready to die and be raised from the dead He said that He was going away but that He would not leave His followers comfortless.  He said that He would come to them.  He did and He still does.  He comes in the person of the Holy Spirit who was His own comforter, His teacher, His protector, His provider, His source of life.  He glorified My Holy Spirit and said that My Spirit would glorify Him, which He does.  He illuminates the ministry of Jesus in the lives of My Children.  He is the comforter that Jesus promised.  Jesus said that when the comforter comes that He will reveal My goodness, also identify the devil's destructive ways, and He would give to My children the power to judge or discern the difference in the works of the two kingdoms. (John 15:7-11)
      Jesus even said that He had so much more to tell people but that they would not understand what He was saying because they did not have eyes to see or ears to hear spiritual things.  He said that My Holy Spirit would reveal, or give understanding, to everything that Jesus said which was not understood by His followers because of the veil that the devil puts over the mind of people so that they cannot understand spiritual things.  But, when My Holy Spirit comes to live in My children, at their invitation, then My Spirit removes the blinders and teaches My children from the inside of them, not from the outside which has to go through their limited minds.  Truth is infused into the minds of My children from My Spirit who lives inside of My children in  their spirits. (Matthew 13:13-16)  That is the duty of My spiritual umbilical cord.
     My Holy Spirit is the most precious gift My children can ever receive.  It is through Him that hidden things become known, wisdom is at their beckon call and My love is made real and treasured.  He was My gift from the foundation of the world to My children, the only soul satisfying gift they will ever receive. (John 7:37-39; John 11:9-13)
     All of My hidden wisdom is yours.  Isaiah said that the human eye cannot see and the human ear cannot hear what I have for My children who love Me.  But My Holy Spirit wrote through Paul that all the hidden things are now revealed by My Holy Spirit because He searches My mind and reveals to My children what is referred to deeper things. (I Corinthians 2:9-14)
     Do not be cheated out of your inheritance by only hearing limited religious teachings when My Holy Spirit is available to you to be your teacher from the inside of you.  He removes the veil from your mind and teaches you exciting principles about My benefits which I have for you.  Then I will do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare think, imagine or ask, according to the presence of My Spirit inside of you. (Ephesians 3:20)
     Your Gift Giving Father

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