Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Dear One,
    I do not test your faith.  Why would I test your faith when I live inside of you and I know the level of your faith?  I know the erroneous teachings that you hear and the limited revelation you have of the truths in My Instruction Book.  If you have been taught by men with limited knowledge of Me that I test your faith and that I am both good and evil, you will not have faith in Me to move mountains of evil actions from your life.  However, when you know Me personally and intimately through My Holy Spirit's presence in your life, you will know beyond a doubt that I will give you revelation and truth regarding every bad situation in your life that has been brought by the father of evil to move you off of your faith in Me. (James 1:5-8)  But, if the devil can  move you off of your faith, then he causes you to close the doors and windows from earth which allow My blessings to flow in your life.  If you endure the testing of your faith by the devil, remaining steadfast in faith in Me, you will receive every good and pleasurable thing of My kingdom.
    The first man, Adam, allowed evil to come into My good earth and that evil being still tempts My children to do his evil in the earth.
    My Holy Spirit said through James emphatically that no person should  ever say that he or she is tempted, tested or tried by Me.  He said that all good and perfect gifts come from Me.  (James 1:12-17)  My Holy Spirit said through Paul that the children of Israel tested Me during their wilderness journey. (Hebrews 3:8-19) I did not test or try their faith.  The devil did.  He did not want them to enter into the land of milk and honey that I set aside for them just like he doesn't want you to enter into the benefits of living in My kingdom now while you are in the earth. (Matthew 12:28)
     The devil did not want Jesus to begin His earthly ministry of healing, redeeming and restoring My children to Me, so he tempted Jesus also in the wilderness.  (Matthew 4:1-11)  Jesus refused to obey the promptings to do evil and He was able to redeem all men from the effects of their succumbing to and obeying evil temptations.
    My Holy Spirit also said through James that you will become blessed after your faith has been tested by the devil if you withstand his test, not being moved off of your faith in Me.  He said that you will receive the crown of life from Me, the symbol of being My child who receives everything that I promised.  You win the battle and receive the crown of a winner, which is the abundant life.
    When you are baptized with My Holy Spirit you have the same power that Jesus had to resist the temptations of the evil one who wants to rob you of your rightful inheritance from Me, which is to prosper and be in health as your soul prospers.  (III John 1:2)
    Remembering that it is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom, (Luke 12:31-32) Your mind should never stray from the truth that I never test, try or tempt you because I am the Father of Love and the Giver of the abundant life.  (John 10:10)
    Your Loving Father

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